Kingston has been rapidly increasing its channel strength to reach out various markets

Kingston has been rapidly increasing its channel strength to reach out various markets

Exclusive interview with Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology India

Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology India 5Kingston has a strong market presence in the whole of India for Flash and DRAM product lines and we are overwhelmed with the consumer response for our products this year. With the latest development in our product portfolio, we have seen an increase in demand in both, our Storage and Memory solutions. Right now, India is a big opportunity for us on the global business map and we are constantly innovating technologies to complement India’s growing tech sector, corporate sector and individuals at multiple levels to strengthen our business in the country. We have always focused on making the newest commercial technology which has helped us improve systems for a better network, better processing and better reliability over the years and we will continue to do so in near future. 2018 has been particularly refreshing for us as we have majorly contributed towards mainstreaming the new 3D NAND technology in the country with multiple products and affordable pricing. Not only does this bring a better quality to the user, but also more durable and dependable.

What challenges you face in the Indian market? How do you tackle those challenges?

The Indian market is exponentially growing due to the improved digital infrastructure and it has majorly contributed towards growth of our business. The market here is vast and the ever changing preferences of consumers have always pushed us to innovate technology that caters to specific needs of end users. We are working to meet the increasing demand for Kingston and HyperX products with latest innovations in our product portfolio and improved channel partners network. The major challenge that companies face in the Indian market is to provide reliable products at an affordable price which we have been successfully doing over the years and it has helped us in establishing a strong foothold in India.

How do you plan to boost channel strength in year 2019?

Our business is distributed strategically in India to get maximum benefits in different regions and growth of our channel partners is our utmost priority. With surest strategies to develop our network, Kingston has been rapidly increasing its channel strength to reach out various markets. Part of the focus areas for channel partners involves channel engagement and empowerment activities. For instance, we conduct education drives for our channel partners to help them to communicate effectively with end users about our latest products innovations and offers.

What steps HyperX is taking to cultivate a gaming culture in India?

We are passionate about the gaming community and hence, we sponsor over 20 teams globally and extend our support to initiatives which are aligned with our vision of promoting the gaming culture. We not only manufacture gaming products but also help create good platforms for gamers to compete on. We strive to enhance the gaming experience through our products, and help gamers to enhance their skills through various initiatves. Over the year, there has been rise in the numbers of gamers into the Indian gaming arena and to fuel their growth, we are conducting various user engagement programs in both, online and offline spaces, which are strategic in nature and are focused on either educating or providing an experience in different fields.

How HyperX is contributing to the growth of the Kingston Technology in India?

HyperX has been in the gaming market for over 10 years and we have always provided high-performance products tailored for the gaming market. Since its inception, HyperX has grown to be the choice of top-rated gamers, tech enthusiasts and overclockers worldwide. Though Hyper X is a part of Kingston,  it is a stand-alone entity for us and so are its offerings. Our success is evident as our products have been ranked one of the best in the country and worldwide. What we have also observed in India for Hyper X, over the growing time period that the Brand no longer works on the push strategy model but has moved to pull with the larger Acceptance and also popularity among its TG.

What are the future plans of HyperX?

HyperX has seen an exciting journey so far in the Indian Markets and it is known to tap the niche audience and bringing more value for the performance oriented users.  With the increasing competition in the market, we are looking forward to upgrade our existing product line of high-speed DRAM memory, SSDs, Headsets and gaming peripherals. With India bringing focus on eSports and Gaming community, we too have very aggressive plans to map the growth opportunities.

What is kingston approach towards R&D?

At Kingston, our excellent R&D team conducts stringent tests to make sure our products are sound technically and fully functional. We adhere to the highest standards of checks and testing before packaging. Kingston utilizes state-of-the-art design processes and leads the industry in custom-designed proprietary memory modules. Kingston’s testing process closely follows its engineering and quality process, DCAT (Design, Components, Assembly, Test). The modules are tested at each stage of development. Our confidence in design and testing is such that we offer lifetime warranty on memory modules and flash cards. Our efforts has given us an edge over our competitors and made as front runners in the competition. Our R&D team does extensive studies on the demand pattern of our consumers. They attempt to understand the consumer’s needs to suit them better.

How are you going to handle the competition in the market?

Rather than focusing too much into competition, we strive hard to stay ahead of the competition and deliver the best products to its customers. We strive to serve our customers better with enhanced quality, design, innovation and customer service. Combining one of the most extensive stringent testing processes in the memory industry Kingston is constantly evolving in the memory market establishing a strong foothold in India. Due to our improved after sales services, we definitely have an edge over the competition.