ISODA Members Share TSX Experience Amidst COVID-19 Outrage

ISODA Members Share TSX Experience Amidst COVID-19 Outrage

The outbreak of COVID-19 around the world has disrupted many aspects of our daily lives. Now more than ever, the health and safety of the Indian citizens had become the key priority for the Government. The Indian channel community is working hard to equip its clients with a secure environment, enabling them to work from any part of the world.

The Corona Virus issue was less-spread and in February when the Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) was organizing the event, no one would have thought, the issue might become serious. The event had seminars, networking sessions, break-out sessions, outings, and entertainment sessions. Amidst their busy schedule helping their clients for a remote workforce, some of the ISODA participants share their memories participating in the event.

Rajnikant Das, Founder, E-Soft Solutions Inc, New Delhi

It was a wonderful experience spending time with our own fraternity of people. In ISODA TSX, we got to meet many fellow partners and if we are mentally and physically down, we get to hear from many partners who share their success stories which we think we can implement in the organization. Another aspect of this summit was, personally, representing from the Northside of the Country, I had an opportunity to interact with many partners from South who shared the key trends and happenings in their region. Those insights helped me a ton. Out of everything, the key learnings were on how to earn double-digit bottom line and how to sell more in the areas where we do not have expertise.

Venkat Murthy, Prime Mover, 22By7, Bengaluru


Today we are all working hard to ensure business continuity for our clients. Luckily, some of the discussions I had with some OEMs are helping me today to a great extent help my clients during the COVID 19 situation. With ISODA, we are getting opportunities to meet new people and explore newer avenues every now and then. Thanks to the organizing team for this.

Manish Agarwal, Founder, AIM Technosoft, Kolkata

This is the first time I am participating in the ISODA summit. My expectation was that I would be meeting only 4 or 5 relevant people. However, the event was beyond my expectations and I managed to meet more than 20 relevant people. While on the personal front, I feel that ISODA behaves as one family despite they are competition. On the business front, I had opportunities to learn a lot in cloud technologies and upcoming trends. I have to say, because of the summit, I got many leads and had already started working with few partners in Mumbai and Jaipur.

Venu Gopal P, Meta Infotech, Mumbai

For me the TSX was more of meeting friends, knowing what are they up to and getting away from the routine work tensions. I liked the format which was organized and the location was also too good. Some of the OEMs like A10 Networks and Extreme Networks were useful mainly for the domains in which we work.

Manoj Tiwari, Rise Tech, Jaipur

I felt very privileged to be part of the most informative enduring and successful event. Congratulations to the entire TSX organizing team for raising the standards. The event in Baku was an ultimate hotspot for information exchange, networking, and entertainment to more than 100  software channel partners and some OEMs.

Anand V, CEO, Raksha Technologies, Chennai

I enjoyed the session by Mr. Venkat who presented how organizations and businesses should run. What I liked, even more, was the photography sessions that we had during the outings. I enjoyed the venue which was amazing and I also loved the locations we went to. I got an opportunity to explore the ancient roots of our nation in Azerbaijan culturally. I managed to click many pictures.

Nilesh Kuvadia, CEO, ITCG Solutions, Vadodra

The most favorite moment at ISODA TSX event was the time spent during the city tour of Baku. I also made new friends who had newly joined ISODA and not interacted since their joining. The sessions related to various technologies were quite informative and were helpful in getting introduced to several new OEMs. This event helped us in the evaluation of a couple of new products that we have now added in our portfolio. ISODA TSX is a platform that allows the OEMs, Distributors as well as partner fraternity to interact and take business decisions at one place. We have always learned something new during each and every Tech Summit we attended. It’s a perfect combination of Business with leisure in a new destination. I believe a lot of partners would be benefited out of this summit. We have identified 2 products and have also added them into our portfolio of product offerings.