Insight Business Machine To Strengthen ISMAC Practice

Insight Business Machine To Strengthen ISMAC Practice

Mumbai based Insight Business Machines bets big on ISMAC (Infrastructure, Security, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud). The company claims to have developed the ultimate solution to every complex challenge in this technological world. ISMAC has the capability to upgrade itself on a regular basis. It’s simply the best thing to have happened in Cyberspace. In an exclusive interaction with Cell IT, Gunjan Shah, Director, Technology, of Insight Business Machines shares the technology scenario in India and their organization plans. Edited excerpts. 


You are a strong player in multiple segments. However, your focus area is BFSI. What are the transformations you are noticing in that vertical when it comes to IT spend?

Security products, Digital Transformation, Mobility solution, Access Solution, Endpoint revamp and Centralized equipment consolidation.

While digital demand is the need of the hour, while many Indian enterprises have started embracing digital in a big way, how insight business machines, as an organization is prepared for meeting the requirements of the clients?

Digital transformation has changed the outlook and respect to IT, we are working on the same from last few years and came up with Framework which is industry independent and vendor agnostics. We kept Security, Access, and Manageability as focus point from framework perspective. Today our framework is more or less helping our most of customer to achieve their business needs, as digital transformation is not just digitization of data but it’s about customer’s /end consumer’s experience which matters more.

You also head the technology division of your organization. The expectations from a CIO or CTO towards a channel organization is changing drastically. They demand a channel organization to be available anytime anywhere anyhow for technical-related concerns. On the other hand, there is a huge lack of skilled professionals in technology. How are you filling the gap?

This is key and very relative concerns not only from the customer or internal but also OEM/vendor has in their mind while selecting partner for solution delivery. Our TCT team framework exists for more than 10 years and we have moved our focus that time only from sales to Technically skilled team development, today we have more than 140F-Secure-2018 TCT (Technology Consulting Team) having more then 800+ paid active certification. Which helps to build confidence in customer and OEM/Vendor.   We have also created a process to accommodate fresh technical resources on-boarding and preparing them in our TCT framework, which is helping us in order to fill the GAP as a process in itself.

You are strengthening your ISMAC practice internally. What has been your sweet spot and what has been most-challenging among Infra Social Mobility Analytics and Cloud?

Our unique positioning of ISMAC (Infrastructure, Security, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud) helping our growth and equal opportunity to our skill TCT team to grow in all direction, this adds great value to the customer to select the right mix of solution from an available variety of options.

Today we facing most- challenging space is Security as now threats are not restricted to only IT but the fast deployment of IoT is really disrupting the entire threat level. We not only have a solution which protects IT/Digital security solutions but also physical security.  Another big change we experience is due to irrational adoption of Cloud which is bringing lots of BI or analytical requirement on the table. Infrastructure and Mobility, we experienced quite a bold move due to Modern Workplace endpoints availability, the whole user experience is changed. We have right mix of solution from Hardware and Application which is helping us to grow continuously

In the last interview to me, your organization’s spokesperson spoke about having the maximum geographical presence. To an extent, you have covered the entire country. Are you having any plans for expansion outside India?

No. As of now, we focusing India market and improvising our TCT and Sales team at different GEO. We believe there are enough opportunity and space for growth available in nationally.

Now the trend is that many established channel organizations are coming up with their own brand. Are you planning to establish your own product or solutions or service?

Our product exists ISMAC from last 5 years and services (TCT) from 10+ years now. What we focusing now is solution or framework more as we see clear demand or GAP to be filled for use business case or new compliance came as surprises because of some regulatory changes or some vulnerability explosion in the market.

What is your roadmap for the next financial year? In terms of financial numbers, geographical reach, and the workforce?

We are focusing more on solution framework for the coming year and shall keep filling gap area on new upcoming requirements like automation and IoT demand.