Infrastructure Management Is Critical Since Ages

Infrastructure Management Is Critical Since Ages

Coimbatore: When it comes to managing an IT infrastructure, the pain points of CIOs remain the same despite the advancement of technologies and trends, according to the key CIOs in Coimbatore.


DMX Technologies, the company that sells the infrastructure management solution ‘Everest’ and Phalgune infotech has recently organized a focus-group discussion among the 4 key CIOs of the city. O.A.Balasubramaniam, Sr.Vice President – IT, Roots Group of Companies Biju Velayuthan, Director, Operations, G.Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, S. Karunanithi, Sr.GM (IT), Suguna Foods and B Vijayakumar of Elgi group, Coimbatore were the participants from the CIO front and V Satish Kumar, V.P. Professional services at and Suresh Kewalramani as Regional Sales Director – South and East India, of DMX Technologies were from the vendor side. The channel partner front had participants from city based Phalgune InfoTech- A Krishnakumar , CEO and Balaji.

Kick-starting the session, Biju said that healthcare industry, any delay in access to data may even cost a patient’s life. “We, CIOs of healthcare companies sometimes work between life-and-death. The biggest challenge for us in healthcare industry is obsoleteness. Any software for that sake, when the newer update is arrived, the older versions become irrelevant and such things may not be applicable in a time-critical healthcare sector.”

FGD2O A Balasubramaniam said that in an industry like manufacturing, it is the data of the customers which are critical. “The key need for us is to get the right data at the right time. With the broadband is still a major challenge in the nation, the last-mile connectivity for an organization like us is critical. We have 14 branches across India and expectations towards IT infrastructure changes according to individuals.” He also said that an organization in the manufacturing sector has almost 50% of the work force on field who expect the last-mile connectivity.

Karunanidhi noted that the average age of his organization is less than 35. As internal clients, they have huge expectations from us and everyone wants the latest in the market- be it an ERP or a office suite. In addition to that, I had brought in BYOD practice much in advance for the employees both mobile and laptops. Quoting O A Balasubramanaiam, Karunanidhi also said that despite having huge connectivity, they wanted a reliable source of connectivity. “My role is noway different from Biju who heads the IT division of a healthcare company. Despite the end result is different. The challenge is connecting the 1500 desktops to the solutions available across the farms, office locations and other places is a key challenge for me”, he said.

FGD3Vijayakumar, said that the understanding of an IT infrastructure by a non-IT industry is different from that of a company that is into IT is different. One of our solutions is old and has become obsolete. I believe that when your IT teams fail to stay with you for the long run, it should be a challenge for any CIO in terms of managing the infra-structure. “According to me, the biggest challenge would be a solution which doesn’t demand the IT team to be with them for a long time is important and that is where the concept of outsourcing plays a key role.”

Slightly disagreeing the views of Vijayakumar Biju said that in a world of IT attrition, the IT leaders need to be prepared and have a backup plan and the vendors should safeguard the customers on top of that.

Organization plans:

On the key plans of the organization, Karunanidhi said that their organization is planning to go completely on cloud onEverest - Technobind certain aspects. Vijayakumar said that he will be planning for new deployments on three aspects- SCA, C-Sat and outsourcing. According to Balasubramaniam, the key investments are going to be on automation and affordable cloud practices.

Satish Kumar, after listening to the discussions on the CIO, threw light on the services of Everest as infrastructure solution and how secure their platform is and the beauty of subscription model. Suresh Kewalramani, gave insights how a CIO can customize the dashboard even to the minute details of every employee in an organization enabling them get the relevant data at the right time.

A Krishnakumar, CEO, Phalgune InfoTech explained the role of a channel partner and how, his company can help bridge the gap between a CIO and vendors when it comes to deployment and post-sale support for infrastructure management solutions.