Hyderabad Students Develop ‘Snapper’ To Enhance Retailing

Hyderabad Students Develop ‘Snapper’ To Enhance Retailing

Three students from Hyderabad Prashant Surana Jain , Sandeep Singh, Akash Agarwal  have founded an application- Snapper an application that enhances the retail experience. In an exclusive chat with Cell IT, the snapper team explains the Snapper story.


Cell IT: Why do you need Snapper ?

Snapper: Well let me ask you one question can you try 10 dresses before you buy at your home from your local stores. No right so there is the first reason to use Snapper our never before seen try it now  feature which gives user’s the power to get Apparel’s and beauty & spa services at their doorstep.

Cell IT: How does it work?

Snapper: In the Sphere section of the Snapper Application the user is exposed to all the local deals available in the city.The try it now feature is available on the deals which fall in Apparel’s and beauty & personal care services. As the user clicks on the try it now button the concerned vendors is notified regarding this on his Admin Panel provided by Snapper and then our delivery executives carry forward the trail process for the consumers.

After the trial the customer has the option to pay through multiple mediums such as our very own Kwik pay Wallet or COD.

In addition to the try it now feature we also have a very interesting thing known as the offer game now the offer game as we call it are rock-bottom offers for a limited period of time it can be for 5 minutes it can even be for couple of hours, so stay tuned!

Cell IT: How it works?

Snapper: As the user clicks on any deals in the  Spheresectionof the Snapper Application,if the offer game is active the user will be exposed to a timer as shown in the picture provided which will show the % off and the time period till which the deal is available.so as I said “stay tuned you’ll never know when the game will ptipsut”

Overall we would like to put it forward as you need Snapper because it’s giving you 360 degree hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace on your fingertips.

And by 360 degree experience we mean that from the point you see a particular product/services till the point you are satisfied with its experience your are in the Snapper environment as we even have our delivery fleet Snapper Express for faster delivery within 60 mins.

Cell IT: How is it useful for vendors?
Snapper: Increase your business by targeting only to the specific segment of people whom your business caters too with better accuracy , also can keep the complete track of their customers from the time goods are ordered till satisfaction is delivered with our snapper CRM, and the best part you can also reach the offline customers with our offline sms and calling tool in your vendor CRM panel , and reach out the users on the basis of demographics, their shopping levels, etc along with unlimited free push notifications as an integrated part of our CRM , and the best part , all is for free

Cell IT: How about insurance?
Snapper: Snappers taking special care for all the products send through our snapper express logistics are insured up to 50% of its invoice value , and what else you need, and the best part is all under single one platform,delivering the simplest, convenient , speediest and secured hyperlocal e-com platform .

Cell IT: What do you get with snapper?

Snapper: Incredible benefit  along with ultimate  experience , such as availing beauty. Services at your doorstep, or you  have a date and need a tuxedo so well, order tuxedos which you think. Fits. You perfectly across different stores on a try now basis and pay.Actually only. For those which fits you the best , with our easy payment options  such as COD, kwikpay mobile wallet , and obtain cash backs for every time you shop,  the most  amazing part is. Snappers  express delivery time is usually an hour, therefore  delivering the ultimate shopping experience , and let’s say, you wanna exchange it or your date. Didn’t like it , as users being the king, can directly reach the vendor easily with  store directions and exchange it with the products  available at the store thereby delivering an online2offline shopping experience which we proudly call it O2O,  so the user is completely risk  free infact 100% risk free about its purchases since we partner up with the best stores in your city, and ultimately users are also  availing real cash backs  with every purchases let it be offline or online  which is valid across all our snapper partners.

So it’s the snappers mantra  = know what’s happening in your city with our live feeds +  360 degrees shopping environment + real cash. Backs for every. Transactions made + fastest and  convenient delivery with our snapper express logistics solutions with try now = best never. Seen and experience before hyperlocalO2O  e-com experience

Cell IT: When Is It getting Launched:

Snapper: We are launching full fledged with all our services in Hyderabad by the end of January 2016 the final launch date will be updated on our company website www.snappertech.com in few days.

In Hyderabad we have tied up with all the major business in diversified categories such as Fly High,Olive Bistro in premium clubs and apparels vendors such as Big Bansals Gold, Zasya, Couture’s Shack, in beauty and spa we have Naturals, Page 3, in Groceries we have the chain if Rajshree Food Mart and many more.

As for the delivery we have our fleet Snapper Express ready filled with trained delivery professional to deliver the best possible experience you can get.

We are constantly updating more vendors on platform and our target is to get the entire Hyderabad’s marketplace online on our platform as we want to provide a Hyperlocal Experience e-commerce marketplace to the user.

As per the funding is concerned yes we are in talks with some anonymous investors who are ready to put in up to $1 million as initial seed funding over the time so hopefully we will be raising more sums of money over the time to make Snapper more viable and accessible as its opening opportunities for many in need.

Cell IT: How Snapper empowers youth?

Snapper: Snapper empowering and creating entrepreneurs and better employment opportunities-

With our snappers franchisee model, we are creating an era of entrepreneurs who can be the part of biggest growing e-com industry and can have the potential of greater earnings by being self made entrepreneurs , not only this youths , who want to
Display start a business or list their  self made products/service for an eg-designer bridal clothes,  can use our krack.deals creative section to list all their creativity and locate their target markets , with all the dynamic snapper tools , and also create a way for their own success, with our easy registration process  its always beat to start building your own business empire and turn your dreams into a reality.

Snappers also create a lot of employment opportunities in the area of delivery, marketing , operations and is looking forward to hire anyone with passion dedication, we at snapper always give importance to your love and passion and can reach us at prashant@snappertech.com with your resume and desired area of interest. And Snapper is also going to start its full fledged operations in major cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Bangalore