How Aim Technosoft Empowers Small Partners In East

How Aim Technosoft Empowers Small Partners In East

By Ayshwaria Lakshmi 

In the digital era, innovation is the only differential factor. There are surplus opportunities available against the lack of the right resources at the right place. East is one such region where many partners from the small town had to forgo bigger orders only because of the reason, the availability of resources.  Aim Technosoft, a Kolkata-based tech company, has been serving the East India region for over a decade. Manish Agarwal with his team is bridging the knowledge gap by providing solution-level value addition to the projects even in remotest villages in the Eastern and North-Eastern part of India. In a chat, Manish talks about his plan and how the East region and the technological advancements in these areas.

“Knowledge-gap is the biggest problem here in this region. While many small-scale partners are ambitious, bigger projects are always a distant-dream for them. Thus, to address that, we had created a concept where we provide the knowledge and technical support needed here from Kolkata both remote as well as on-premise”, says Manish who had recently strengthened his team by employing people who worked for large MNCs. 

“Eastern region is a little more diverse in the customer as per mentality and culture in comparison to other regions of India. So, their adaptability is even diverse from one part to another. So, to make adoption of any new technology in Eastern India, you need to work in-depth, which most of our vendors are inept. In that place, our roles come in, which we have been doing for more than a decade.”, he says further added that North East includes the seven sister home, their adaptability of new technologies are pretty fast irrespective of the other neighboring states, but they majorly depend upon PSU / GOVT. 

Aim Technosoft empowers smaller partners not just with tech support but also helps them with training and certification through the wide range of OEMs they work with. “ Our focus was our value-added Partners and our customers. We have our dedicated service team. Even during the COVID pandemic, our team had served our partners round the clock. In fact, I had to increase the number of team members in the sales and support team during the COVID pandemic.”, he says and also felt his organization found it as a better opportunity to serve their stakeholders. Post-COVID, Aim Techsoft had signed up with new technologies. 

Not just in the Eastern India region, Aim Technosoft is also working on few projects in Bhutan. The next plan is to take the organization to the next domain in the new financial year. “Thanks to COVID, we got quality time to think and adapt to new technology and we have trained our sales and tech team to the next level. We are well equipped and we truly believe we can give good to great support to our customers.”, Manish concluded.   

In the long term, Aim Techsoft is planning to explore avenues in the Western and South India Market.  “Now we have a great product, solution, and technology with us, which will help us drive our business for the upcoming 5 years.”, he concluded.