Growth hacking strategies for your app to get 1 M downloads in 6 months

Growth hacking strategies for your app to get 1 M downloads in 6 months

In the 21st Century technological advances has exploded. The learning and assessment apps are pivotal in improving the education system at all levels. Students get a whole lot of data on the internet through these apps which facilitate the learning processes and increase performance. These app developers bring out different unique ideas with the same available technological means which gives them a product to stand out in the market.

90Amit Kumar, CTO of Youth4work, says the technology has increased the literacy ratio in the world. every person has access to quality of education which has indeed helped in educating the world on a regular basis. It has provided the framework for the establishment of education in the real sense.” The Youth4work app’ launched on 30th June 2015, which is available on both android and IOS devices which are the two major platforms and also it contributes in the most convenient ways. “There has been 1 million downloads in the initial 6 months”, says, Amit.

After winning the first fight of making an app the work to boost the downloading of your app becomes a hard job. All app developers want to increase the number of people that download your app. It’s important that in the floody market of similar apps everyday how can you make your app recognizable?

The app developed and available for download – means you are in the sea of work. Amongst the millions how would you make yourself reasonable is quite difficult? The app stores offer a set of a basic strategy about the apps performance. There are many ways that the user can discover your mobile applications:

Name of the Application: Key word which described the function

No. of downloads: The higher number will be more profitable of appearing at the top of the search list.

Accuracy/Rhythm: The app & its content should be relevant to its provided services.

Creativity: The design of the icon should be creative and should convey the purpose.

We are living in a world where there are advancements happening with the lightning speed. One day we were using a technological equipment, the next you know that it became obsolete. So, in order to move with the speed of the world and the brimming thinking minds, it is necessary to inculcate technology in the regular curriculum.