Going Against the Grain, 22by7 Puts Its Employees First 

Going Against the Grain, 22by7 Puts Its Employees First 

By Ayshwaria Lakshmi 

COVID-19 pandemic has cost many to lose their jobs. A recent report from the International Labour Organisation estimates a job loss of 4.1 million youth while it wiped around 81 million jobs in the Asia-Pacific region. This was for the sectors that took the major hit, such as rental and business services; accommodation and food services, and others.

This Bangalore based business consultancy company did it differently. It ensured to have the key focus on its people and it removed no employee from their job. It also strongly placed its motto on securing each employee’s livelihood as well as taking care of its customers. “Fight together and stay together. This was what we decided when times were tough. It was important for us to gain our employee’s trust. For this to happen, we proved to them we are together and with them no matter what. But we had to do a salary reduction. What moved us was the fact that when we gained our team members’ trust, we automatically had few of them voluntarily come to us to put forth a request for us the reduce their salary for the sake of our organization,” said Mr Venkat Murthy, Prime Mover, 22by7 Solutions Pvt Ltd.

He points out the technological up-gradation and trends are short-term changes, but it can tackle any challenges as long as the organisation comes together as a team. An organization’s strength is its people, if they are taken care then any activities or projects would be successful, Venkat added. 

The pandemic allowed for the biggest remote working move all over the world. It made the employees put in more work time that usually results in less time with family. Venkat ensured that his team managed their online time more adequately. For instance, their reviews and reporting times to be shortened. Venkat himself takes up reviews only once a week and uses the rest of the days in the week to communicate with his HR team, accounts team, to ensure a smooth flow of business. Beyond all these, remote working has enhanced the better connectivity between the team.

22by7 was awarded one of the best places to work in India. During the pandemic, 22by7 took part in supplying masks and foods to those in need. It also supported the police and forest officers.

“These activities reduced the gap between reality and fantasy for us,” said Venkat. “It also made us realize the help we could give and made it part of our core resolution to help others.”

Changing Customers’ Priorities: 

Speaking on the changing demands from the enterprises, Venkat says, “At the time of the pandemic, Initial challenges were around secured connectivity. Also, we have seen huge success in terms of cloud security. We have more wins during the pandemic and acquired more than a dozen new clients. Most of the clients now are looking at a holistic security policy which gives similar kind of threat protection even if they are working remotely.”

During pandemic enterprises clearly went through different stages. Initial 60 days, the customers were reactive and working hard to ensure business continuity. Their key concerns were in terms of connectivity and provisioning proper resources to all the remote users. Once the above was achieved, they were trying to work towards an increase in productivity with help of collaborative and other tools.

Plans of 22By7

On the organization’s plans for the next financial year, Venkat said”, “We are currently working on bringing a flexible working model, strengthening our portfolio to ensure our customers’ business continuity. We are also working with vendors to ensure the same.” In the last six months, 22by7 has ensured its employees’ upskill enhancement. This would also make the company ready to tackle any challenges as we get back to normality, Venkat conclued with confidence.  

ADVERTISEMENT: Team SonicWall India wishes Mr. Venkat Murthy and Team 22By7 for all their success in the coming days.