FAIITA Organises OLS Meeting in Ahmedabad to strengthen Brick & Mortar business

FAIITA Organises OLS Meeting in Ahmedabad to strengthen Brick & Mortar business

1FAIITA organises OLS Meeting hosted by Federation of Information Technology Associations of Gujarat (FITAG) at Courtyard-Marriott Hotel in Ahmedabad on 9th January 2020.

As a continuous process, this meeting has been organised to protect the dealers who are facing challenges from online market pan India. To handle this, FAIITA has been putting regular efforts by organising meetings with the brands to discuss the problems faced by offline sellers and thereby protecting dealers with the disruptions happening at the time of “SALE” by online sellers.

FAIITA shall continue with market hygiene & zero tolerance agenda with all the top brands in concern with the predatory prices on OLS. And to watch closely, a special committee was formed comprising OLS committee heads
Devesh rastogi , Deepak Kumar BV , Pravin Dhoka, Karthikeyan and Jitendra Bothra.

The OLS Committee with FAIITA President Koushik Pandya, General Secretary Navin Gupta, Jt Secreatary Arun Dey attended the meeting and they were firm on taking strict measures to ensure the market hygiene & zero tolerance. In recent few years, with the support of 25 states association we have been working on solution to predatory and deep discounting by OLS and through close engagement with major brand owners we tried to clear many hurdles. To get better results we will fix the meetings with brand owners on quarterly basis so that we arrive to a workable solution to mitigate risk and thereby ensuring profit of B&M. We have been seeing the pain of B&M and its our prime responsibility to take care of the entire channel community, said, OLS team.

Major brands attended the event, From Asus-Jignesh NSM and Team, Lenovo- Suresh Singh and Sumathi, Acer-Sanjay Gosh and Team, HP-Anurag and Team, Dell-Manoj kapoor. Almost every brand assured their support looking to the pains of the channel community who always stood with the brands. They felt their responsibility and assured of all kind of support.

The key points which were discussed in the meeting were:
1- One price- One Nation
2- All SKU should be available with offline, nothing called exclusive SKU to any Online/LFR
3- When ever online/LFR offers cash back same should be available with offline, or else they should withdraw the cash backs (if any offer comes, that should be available with all)
4- To match the price of online and offline, and margin to the partner min 5% to be set
5- No bag connect compulsory
6- Every brand should send to FAIITA a) laptop price list with mentioning SRP & MRP for all models what they manufacture b) updated contact matrix
7- All benefits should reach to till T3
8- Every brand should do activities to increase offline footfall