Facebook most popular for social login among youngsters

Youngsters are not only login to Facebook to connect with their friends and loves ones but to visit other sites providing e-commerce services or just social sign-in, a study has found.

facebook_logo_3Although one-quarter of consumers (24 percent) are now using Google+ for social sign-in, nearly 56 percent of people are using Facebook to visit other websites, according to the data by LoginRadius Inc, an Alberta-based technology company with a global customer base.

The users in Asian and European countries are most likely to use Facebook or Google+.

As for social sharing, Facebook leads with a 56 percent market share followed by Twitter (12 percent) and G+ (7 percent) in that sector, Bizreport website said.

According to the data, young users are adopting social logins faster than their older counterparts.

About one-third of both 18-25 year olds and 25-35 year olds have adopted social logins.

While 67 percent people use social sign-in from personal computers, less than 15 percent use smartphones for social login, the study showed.