CeBIT 2018

CeBIT 2018
Event Start Date:
11th June 2018
Event End Date:
15th June 2018
Event Venue:

CEBIT 2018: New content, new formats, new look .
CEBIT is gearing up for the 2018 season with a new theme mix, new event formats and a totally new look & feel. “CEBIT 2018 will be a business festival for innovation and digitization,” Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Oliver Frese commented on Wednesday in Hannover.

“The new CEBIT will feature tried-and-tested tradeshow elements, inspiring conference events and special networking platforms, all embedded in an energizing and captivating festival of bright ideas for the digital future.”

Next year, the CEBIT show’s first-ever summer showcase opens on 11 June with a completely new venue layout. “The innovative power of digitization is transforming companies and the way we engage with technology at work and at home. It is bringing fundamental change to the entire economy and the very fabric of society. From these various aspects and facets of digitization we have distilled our mission for the new CEBIT,” said Frese. “Only CEBIT, with its long history and deep roots in the digital economy, has the credentials and capability needed to draw these various strands together into a cohesive, high-impact package.”

The new CEBIT comprises four main elements. First, there’s the d!conomy element, the platform for showcases dedicated to the digitization of business and government. This is where international companies from the digital economy can present the real-world solutions and technologies that industrial users need in order to successfully digitize their operations. The d!conomy element is all about new business development. In terms of content, it has a strong lineup of themes including digital office, process and data management, security, communication, devices and infrastructure.

The second element is d!tec, which is focused on our digital future. By exploring emerging technologies poised for market launch, disruptive business models and new value-creation networks, it provides a valuable glimpse of what the future may hold. d!tec presents the latest research and profiles startups with the courage and creativity to challenge yesteryear’s givens and create new business models using inspired technology.

The third element of the new CEBIT is d!talk – a conference format alive with discourse on the myriad economic, political and social issues arising from and revolving around the digitization trend. With a central stage for keynotes and more than 10 smaller stages embedded in the d!conomy and d!tec parts of the show, d!talk is CEBIT’s hub for digitization dialogue, and as such a prime source of know-how and inspirational visions for the future as presented by a top-notch lineup of lateral thinkers, visionaries, experts and strategists from around the world.

The fourth element of the new CEBIT is the d!campus. Located beneath the iconic EXPO canopy on the open-air site, the d!campus is the beating heart of the show – a place where digital technology comes alive as an immersive and emotionally appealing experience. With a captivating array of performances and happenings, the d!campus will put a special spin on the fruits of digitization while at the same time offering rich opportunities for casual, one-on-one interaction – not only throughout the day, but also right on into the evening hours. d!campus is designed to treat the crowds to immersive experience illuminating digitization from every angle, and as such it’s a great place for win-win conversation and networking.

CEBIT – Europe’s Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization

At CEBIT 2018, everything is geared to generating business, leads and bright ideas. CEBIT is a triple-punch event covering everything essential to the digitization of business, government and society. The innovations on display in the d!conomy section of the show give IT professionals and decision-makers, trade and the public sector the tools they need to streamline and futureproof their operations. The event’s d!tec showcase puts the spotlight on developers and startups. The d!talk conference program features visionaries, lateral thinkers, creatives and experts . The d!campus is heart of CEBIT –relaxed networking, street food and live music. The first day of CEBIT 2018 – Monday, 11 June – is reserved for conference attendees and journalists, with the exhibition opening on Tuesday, 12 June. The exhibition halls will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the d!campus staying open till 11 p.m. Opening hours on Friday are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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