Embee Software Bets Big On App, Data and Managed Services

Embee Software Bets Big On App, Data and Managed Services

Swaminathan Balasubramanian


Sudhir Kothari, Managing Director & CEO

Kolkata: Embee Software, one of the fastest-growing system integrator and information technology in India in some of the key solutions in Modern workplace, Datacenter transformation, business applications, security and support services will be putting additional focus on Application, Data modernization, Managed services along with artificial intelligence.

“From a transactional product company, we had transformed ourselves a leader in providing technology solutions. The market is moving towards data warehousing, application migration while there is a maturity level in the cloud”, Sudhir Kothari, Managing Director & CEO, Embee Software.


Octane HRMS is Embee’s IP. The home-grown modular application helps automate the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to separation, enabling an organization to simplify and adopt best HR practices. “Designed and built specifically for the small and medium-sized businesses we are connecting with our large SMB database. The digital medium is another platform we are adhering to for promotional and demand generation purposes.”, Sudhir says further adding that proactively participating in industry conferences, leveraging social media, as well as collaborating with partners across the country and overseas are part of the roadmap. Additionally, Embee software is also building their own e-commerce site where the in house technology solutions would be easily available.

Expansion plans and presence outside India:

Sudhir wants Embee software a national brand and confined to a specific region. “Though we started here[East], most of our operations are coming from all corners of the country. Thus, we call ourselves, a company based out of India and not a particular region.”, he says further adding that the last mile connectivity had happened even in smaller towns. Asked if he intends to get deeper in the smaller town, he said, “Even though the implementations happen in the small towns, the transactions happen in the main cities. Our business is industry agnostic. We have a strong customer base of more than Two Thousand Five Hundred customers from every industry be it retail, manufacturing, logistics, health care, BFSI, media, e-commerce, education, government bodies, and institutions.”


Embee software unleashes the true potential of the digital media for their business growth. The LinkedIn platform is used extensively for branding purposes through to build awareness, drive traffic to the website and even educate the audience. purpose. Embee focuses on building user-centric content that enables their target audience to achieve a clearer understanding of ‘What’s-in-it-for-my-business’ around the technologies, solutions, and services they offer.

On speaking on the presence outside India, Sudhir concluded, “ We partner with businesses overseas for our in house enterprise business applications including Octane HRMS, SharePoint, Business Intelligence as well as ERP.”