Edelweiss Wealth Management launches Margin Trading Facility

Edelweiss Wealth Management, part of the Edelweiss Group, announced the launch of Edelweiss Margin Trading Facility (MTF) for investors and traders. In line with the company’s philosophy ‘Be Unlimited’, Edelweiss MTF will not only offer investors an opportunity to buy more than 4x the value of shares with Cash and Cash equivalent (Stocks Collateral), but also allow its customers to hold the stocks for a longer period, subject to minimum margin requirements. Edelweiss MTF will be hosted on Edelweiss’s website, www.edelweiss.in.


Commenting on the launch, Rahul Jain – Head of Personal Wealth Advisory, Edelweiss Wealth Management said, “We like to partner with our customers to help them create long-term sustainable wealth, hence constantly striving to bring innovation to our product suite and offerings. With Edelweiss MTF, we aim to empower our customers with a simplified platform, to help fulfil aspirations of the underserved yet growing affluent segment through timely advice and comprehensive wealth management services”.

With features unique to Edelweiss MTF – such as 4x leverage and a hassle-free activation process – customers can be assured they do not miss any opportunity in the market due to lack of funds, and are able to take advantage of timely market opportunities. The other key features of the facility include longer holding period, corporate action benefits and a vastly diverse portfolio, which enables investors to have larger trading limits. Because of this diversification, the investment risk of the customer’s portfolio is reduced.

Recently, Edelweiss also updated its Edelweiss Mobile Trader with advanced features – one of the highest rated Markets app on Google Play Store. Some key features like the Markets section is easily available through the direct link and gives live market commentary with insights on Equity and Derivatives. Advanced charting allows the users to look at four different charts and add multiple studies on a single screen; customers can also find trends from historical data to make Buy calls, on the same screen. The updated version also has a Help section, which intends to solve user queries via FAQs, Call Customer Service, Call and Trade, etc.

In the past, Edelweiss Wealth Management has been among the first to launch new-age platforms – Edelweiss Trader’s Lounge, an analytical trading platform on the web for traders; Edelweiss Guided Portfolio Services, an algorithm-based intelligent system, which designs mutual fund portfolios for investors; and Edelweiss Online Account Opening, a digital process, where an account is opened up within 15 minutes.