ECS To Focus On Quality At Affordable Price

ECS To Focus On Quality At Affordable Price

Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager, Elite ECS, chats with B Swaminathan, Associate Editor, on the company’s milestones in 2015. Excerpts:

B Swaminathan (Swami): What is the position of your company in Indian market?

Rajshekar Bhatt (Bhatt): We are world’s leading hardware and PC system manufacturer.
Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) introduced the world’s first mini PC powered by the Intel Core M processor, education notebook as a niche product and intelligent gateways for IoT field.Keeping this in mind we position our products at suitable & affordable price offering rich features.

Swami: What are the three major milestones you achieved in this 2015 calendar year?

Bhatt: ECS has focused on the mini system in recent years. ECS displayed the world’s first LIVA mini PC with Core M processor, the brand new LIVA X2, and a one-liter mini PC called “One” which was announced in the 4th quarter of 2015. In addition, Compute on Stick and mPC with wireless charging technology were key products.
ECS also displayed the latest LEET Gaming motherboards that adopt HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.1. It also announced its exclusive DURATHON 2 technology delivering high quality, stability and convenience for the products.

Swami: Explain your channel network in India

Bhatt: Channel is an integral part of our value chain, as a company we invest lot of time & money to train, educate our partners. Our whole focus is to offer competitive product with all key features & high reliability to enduser & to maintain healthy bottom line for our channel partners.

We insure there is no conflict & price competition between the channel partners & we expand/add channel partners in high growth market where either there is no focus or less focus from the competition side.

Swami: What, according to you is the biggest assert of your channel policies?

Bhatt: We offer best featured product with highest reliability & matching RMA support if desired. To top it with healthy profitability & still been able to offer competitive pricing to end customer.

Swami: What are the top 5 reasons a channel partner should sell your product

Bhatt: We have the industry-best after sales support with presence in 52 key locations across India. We have best featured product at an affordable price and our products are easy to assemble and support

Swami: Explain the 3 promises you always assure for your channel partners

Durability- All products go under thorough testing before being delivered to ECS customers. Before a product is mass-produced, it must first undergo three pre-production stages, which are lab pilot-run, engineering pilot-run and production pilot-run.

Health of Society- Products also must pass the EMI and the Reliability tests. The EMI test ensures the electromagnetic interference level does not rise above the industry standards. The Reliability test includes vibration, drop and humidity testing. These tests help ECS products to receive international safety and regulatory approvals, such as TUV, UL, FCC and VCCI.

Works under any situation- Products then go through a series of compatibility tests to make sure they work with the most popular add-on cards and peripherals on the market. Every I/O port must be fully tested before a product can leave the factory.

Swami: How good is your post-sale service? Please give a detailed note on this

Bhatt: We do believe we have best product in terms of reliability & affordability is concern. Just in case if product fails we have best after sales support available at all major cities of India with local buffer stock. You can do an analysis/survey confirm that is almost last 1 decade you would have not come across any –ve update about ECS from support point of view.