EasyGov’s Government Welfare Schemes’ Entitlement Engine wins the NASSCOM Emerge 50 award

EasyGov shows how Investing in the India Stack 

technologies can leapfrog development 

EasyGov, the cloud based solution that provides Indian citizens an easy and convenient access to welfare schemes and services from the Government, showcased its solution at the NASSCOM Product Conclave(NPC) at Bengaluru.  


EasyGov’s entitlement engine was also declared the winner of NASSCOM Emerge 50 award, which chooses India’s Most Innovative Top 50 Emerging Software Product Companies. According to NASSCOM’s criterion, these companies are characterized by a mixture of burgeoning success stories and promising start-ups that are coming up with exciting new solutions.

“We are really happy that EasyGov’s entitlement engine is one of the NASSCOM Emerge 50 awardees for 2017. It reinforces our belief that we can leverage technology and India Stack to deliver developmental benefits. Our entitlement engine has been winning accolades and it is gratifying to showcase it to some of India’s leading corporates, policymakers and investors at the conclave”, says Amit Shukla, Founder & CEO, EasyGov.

At the NPC, EasyGov showcased its entitlement engine and asked techies, product specialists, designers as well as investors to try out for themselves the beta version of its app that is downloadable from Google Play Store. EasyGov appprovides an interface for people to access easy-to-understand, actionable information and apply for the schemes & services. It leverages technology to simplify and automate the delivery of the available benefits.   

EasyGov has already implemented a part of the solution and has served over 10K+ customers in the Delhi-NCR region. The complete IT solution (beta) is ready and 300+ schemes have been implemented and tested successfully.  

“It was gratifying to see the product being received so well by the who’s who of the IT industry. NPC is an august forum that highlights the most cutting edge and futuristic technologies that are emerging in India and it is great that we got an opportunity to showcase EasyGov app here. We are not just a part of the most trending technology, the India Stack or Aadhar Stack, but actually making a difference by assisting in the delivery of benefit schemes to the most underdeveloped strata of society”, adds Mr. Shukla.

EasyGov is in discussions with policy-makers, Governments, Elected Representatives of people, Grant Givers, Donors and Philanthropists to roll this out in totality and help the bottom of the pyramid communities.

EasyGov is backed by Social Alpha, an initiative of Tata Trust,  Rajan Anandan and NASSCOM 10K start up incubation program. The founder, Amit Shukla, is one of the 15 entrepreneurs selected under the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Maker India Program. Amit has also been one of the entrepreneurs in “Champions of Change” programme by NITI Aayog, where he was invited for discussions with the PM Modi and the Cabinet Ministers.