DOCOMO to Showcased Latest Technologies at CEATEC JAPAN 2014

NTT DOCOMO, INC., a personalized mobile solutions provider for smarter living, displayed latest technologies in its booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2014 with many experiential demonstrations, stage shows and touch-and-try sessions introducing a wide range of services and advanced technologies that will help people live smarter. Exhibits included the latest innovative interface for mobile communications, in-vehicle agent services for drivers, a wearable healthcare device that can measure acetone emitted from human skin, and more.

nttThe following are some of the key highlights that which were presented at the DOCOMO booth:
1) Innovative Navigation Device
Visitors enjoyed demonstrations of DOCOMO’s YUBI NAVI prototype navigation device that uses tactile sensations for various functions. By just holding the device, a user can navigate to destinations based on tactile sensations, eliminating the need to look at a map on a smartphone screen. The device can also be used for nonvisual, nonverbal communication of feelings and emotions, which are expressed through tactile sensations emitted by the device.

2) In-vehicle Agent Services
Voice agent for communicating with automobiles
DOCOMO’s in-vehicle agent converses with people as they drive, using driving circumstances and information learned through previous conversations. For example, it will ask the driver about their physical condition after sudden breaking, or ask where the driver is going when the car starts. The demonstration will enable visitors to experience two-way verbal communication with the voice agent.

3) Next-generation mobile communications system (5G) — Future network beyond 2020
5G transmission experiment
This exhibit introduced how people in the future will live smarter via ultra-high-speed 5G mobile communications. The network, which will offer 100 times the speed and 1,000 times the capacity of today’s LTE network, is currently under development by DOCOMO. A demo video will show people the kind of exciting capabilities DOCOMO is developing in cooperation with leading ICT vendors worldwide. Also, a real-time simulator will enable visitors to experience how the future will be enhanced with this highly advanced mobile technology.

4) Healthcare
Measuring skin-emitted acetone for health management
Visitors tried out the world’s first wearable device measuring skin-emitted acetone, an organic compound exuded through a metabolic process, to see how much fat they have burned. Daily acetone measurements will support the provision of healthcare advice tailored for individuals to help them avoid or alleviate lifestyle-related diseases.
Healthcare services utilizing “hitoe” smart clothing

The exhibit demonstrated the diverse sports and healthcare applications made possible by the smart nanofiber clothing called “hitoe.” The clothing will enable wearers to effortlessly measure biometric data, such as their heart rate, using a dedicated app.