Dnyanesh Kamlakar To Lead ISODA; New Team Aims Doubling Membership, Expansion

Dnyanesh Kamlakar To Lead ISODA; New Team Aims Doubling Membership, Expansion

-Press Release

Dnyanesh Kamlakar Kulkarni, Founder, and Owner of Deltakraft Solutions, who was the Vice President in the last term, got promoted as President of ISODA.

The Infotech Software Dealers Association recently concluded their 11 th AGM. This was a first for the association as they organized their First Virtual AGM recently.  After the financials and the last years’ minutes were passed, the new Management  Committee was elected. Rajeev Mamidanna, Co-founder of Technosprout Systems, who was the Vice-Chairman in the last term, got promoted as Chairman of ISODA. 

Elections took place for the following positions:

1. Vice Chairman
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer

Pradeep Daga, Founder, and Owner of Suntronix, erstwhile Regional Secretary (South) was elected as the General Secretary. Alok Gupta, Founder, and Owner of Softmart Solutions and erstwhile President of ISODA were elected to the Vice Chairman’s position. Jitesh Chauhan, Founder, and Owner of Rubik Infotech, erstwhile Regional Secretary (Gujarat) was elected to the Vice President’s position. The position of Treasurer was retained by Ravi Jalan of Shaki Enterprises.

The New Management Committee is as follows:

1. Chairman – Rajeev Mamidanna, Technosprout systems, Mumbai
2. Vice Chairman – Alok Gupta, Softmart Solutions, New Delhi
3. President – Dnyanesh Kamlakar Kulkarni, Deltakraft Solutions, Mumbai
4. Vice President – Jitesh Chauhan, Rubik Infotech, Ahmedabad
5. Secretary – Pradeep Daga, Suntronix, Chennai
6. Treasurer – Ravi Jalan, Shakti Enterprises, Mumbai


The Regional Secretaries for all the designated regions of ISODA will soon be announced after their elections are done over the next 1 month. ISODA says it had crossed more than 200 members and the number is growing day by day. We are actively looking at adding new chapters and getting more members on board. With the uncertainty of the current times and businesses struggling to grow, ISODA Management Committee intends to create a platform of growth for all its members by pushing a few initiatives for all.

The top priorities for  ISODA Management Committee this year will be:

1. Enable realistic collaboration within members to upsell, cross-sell and grow together in these uncertain times

2. Work as a professional organization and bring more maturity to our internal communication and interactions with members

3. Improve communication with OEMs and Distributors

4. Focus on doubling the Member count and ensuring the identification of new regions

5. Skills development initiatives for employees of ISODA members to enhance knowledge of relevant solutions

6. Digital Marketing to be taken to next level by Increasing visibility of ISODA socially

7. Ensure maximum touch with the OEM community by planning creative means of
interactions online

Manasi Saha, the immediate past-president of the association, sharing her memories on the presidentship calls it a wonderful experience. “It was good learning, from some great achievements and through great friends. I am leaving my post on a good note and with great memories. As a person, I  had achieved 1. Patience 2. Good listening 3. Team playing skills”.  Wishing the new management-committee, she thanked the other members Jiten Mehta, Vipul Dutta, L Ashok, Guna, Amarnath, and Rajiv.