CoSoSys Pay Huge Importance For Partners Training

CoSoSys Pay Huge Importance For Partners Training

Swaminathan Balasubramanian

CoSoSys, founded in 2004, claims it protect over 11 million users worldwide. CoSoSys offers portfolio of security products and features for device control, data loss prevention (DLP), and eDiscovery for Windows, macOS and Linux, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS and Android, as well as the development of applications for portable storage device encryption and enhancement. Mumbai based Satcom infotech is a distributor for the product. In an exclusive chat with Cell IT, Filip Cotfas, Account Manager, the company shares the partner strategy. Edited Excerpts.

Cell IT: What are the top three aspects your product differs from other end-point security solutions?

CoSoSys:First of all, through Endpoint Protector DLP, CoSoSys always aims at equally protecting Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints. Secondly, our solutions are quick and easy to deploy and manage. Moreover, our encryption solutions allow an efficient utilization by both medium sized business and large companies.
cososys-picCell IT: What is your channel roadmap for India for next 12 months?

CoSoSyS: India is one of our top priorities for the next 12 months. We are determined to work with a select group of the best channel partners on the market, who have extensive experience in the IT Security segment and who are already successfully selling complementary solutions.

Cell IT How will your enable your partner get trained with your solution?

CoSoSyS: At CoSoSys, we pay a lot of importance to our partners’ training. Their knowledge of our solutions is ensured through two major channels: on-site, by paying multiple visits per year to our partners’ offices in India, and online, via remote training sessions.
Cell IT :What are the partner certification levels you have?

CoSoSyS: Our partners can obtain different certification levels based on their activity and experience with our products (technical and commercial training, customer experience, revenue levels and more.

Cell IT: Where are the industry verticals your partners can sell your products easily?

CoSoSys: Our solutions can be used in all industries which entail a high level of data protection, such as Financial, Insurance or Media. Another very important sector is represented by industrial companies with a large number of endpoints.

Cell IT: What are the top 3 features/aspects partners should tell while selling the products?


Our solutions’ top 3 features include:
– Cross-platform support, for Windows, Linux and macOS;
– Easy deployment and management, with a user-friendly interface;
– Additional integrated features such as encryption, eDiscovery and more.

How is your post-sale support?
>> Our very high customer satisfaction score is ensured not only by our mature products, but also by to our very dedicated support team. We are fully dedicated to understanding the end-users’ use cases and to helping them with optimization at all stages – from deployment to maintenance and to continuous operation of the solution. Our products include full support for the first year after purchasing the product and we also offer support and maintenance for up to 5 more years.