CoolerMaster Makers Meet to be held in Mumbai

CoolerMaster along with its ecosystem partners to hold Maker’s Meet in Mumbai on 22nd April 2017
Seagate, MSI, Dremel, ISDI, Nvidia, AMD to showcase technologies meant for Gamers and Enthusiasts at the event
The event will be broadcasted live on Cooler Master India Facebook page starting @ 11:00 am

013Mumbai, India CoolerMaster Technology Inc. has announced its next leg of Makers Meet for 2017. This unique meet of likeminded people will start from Mumbai and move on to other cities in this calendar year. The Mumbai meet is scheduled to happen on 22nd April 2017 at the prestigious Indian School of Design and Innovation(ISDI), in Mumbai.

Makers Meet is a platform for PC Enthusiasts and Gamers to explore, express and create it! It’s one such event where you can get immersive experience of Virtual Reality (VR), PC Gaming, Overclocking, 3D printing, PC building and Modding workshops. The event will also showcase few PC mods by makers and also Case Mod World Series 2017 mod entries

“With Makers Meet, we plan to engage the community and stoke their passion for Desktop PCs again. Our idea is to bring the Joy of Building PCs back to fore! BYO or Build Your Own PC, that reflects you and your passion is the core message that we want people attending this event to take back with them. It will be an experience they will remember for long and that’s the key take away of Maker’s Meet. Come and meet some of the brilliant minds in the industry, Overclockers, Gamers, Modders, etc. We have them there so that you can interact freely and learn something new!” Said Sashank Bhandaru, Marketing Manager. There will be competitions to participate and win cash prizes worth 20K each for PC building competition conducted by MSI and Gaming competition by Seagate and lots of goodies and merchandize.
Makers Meet is joint effort by CoolerMaster, MSI, Seagate, Dremel, Nvidia, AMD, etc and other desktop PC vendors. ISDI, who are pioneers in teaching design and innovation will be hosting this event on their premises. So attendees, especially, kids and youngsters, can understand from them the scope in Design & Innovation as a Career option.