Confed Summit Will Provide Ample Time For Vendor-Channel Dialogue

Confed Summit Will Provide Ample Time For Vendor-Channel Dialogue

M. Ramesh, President-Elect, Confed-ITA, in the recent days, speaks more on phone than speaking to IT industry face-to-face. The summit, for the first time, seems to be unique, in terms of event design and sponsorship avenues. Besides his busy hunt for sponsorship for summit, Cell IT managed to speak to him on his action-plans for the forthcoming summit. Edited Excerpts:

RameshWhat would be the theme of the summit?
“ Focus to Change”  is the Theme for this Summit 2017

How this year of Confed-ITA summit will be different from others?
This year we have planned the Summit as a  Package for members  which includes business forums, training programs, New Business verticals, entertainment ,Cool weather and more over it is a 3 Days 2 Nights package. In which members can relax, rejuvenate and renew their business, friendship all together

What is the update in the sponsorship front?
As usual, there is a Main Sponsor, Co-Sponsor and stall Sponsors.   HP is our Main Sponsor, LG as Co-sponsor and we have booked nearly 20 Stalls

What are the value-additions in the pipeline for the sponsors?
This year, we are very clear that reciprocation should be done to the vendors who support us in this event and the sponsors have a clear road map, greater mileage and assured business proposals throughout the year.

This summit seems to have an extended version than regular summits. What are the reasons for the program design?
The plan of extending the usual happenings of summit is to ensure that they take away some good business proposals, new ideas, enjoy weather  and have more interaction with vendors and their products,   where they need more time

I spoke to some of the sponsors of the previous years. The major concern of the sponsors is the lack of interest in listening to the presentations or visiting the stalls. While many of them are not expecting on-spot RoI, some seriousness over the sponsors are demanded. How are you planning to address this? Is it time for the sponsors to change the presentation format?
As you said, vendors main concern is that the members are not having a closer look on their products as well as their power point slides. To overcome this scenario  we have planned for some question and answers session( based on their products exhibited in stalls) in which the member is benefited with a worthy gift for the correct answers  as well as more  lucky draws in their presentation session,  after demontisation our business  has a drop out and hope this year our members will have a close look at the business proposals offered by vendors. We have also cut short the timings of presentations.. Moreover our members expectation is that the vendors should have a easy way of communication over the local language and not a boring one apart from the concerned business matters.

Another concern was the allocation of time for business presentations of sponsors and Q&A were less while the time allotted for non-business presentations were more. Will you address that in this summit?
This year we don’t encourage non-business presentations and we are trying to have more training programs, useful sessions, lucky draws , entertainment session ,to keep the members  in a vibrant mode all the day.

What are the advantages for the members who are participating in the event?e-caps2
As per our theme, our Motto is to ensure that all the members get  closer  vision(FOCUS) on other allied Products related to our IT Industry and get little deviated from the current scenario, more over the profitability should be multiplied.
We are engaging our members by training sessions, new ideas on business, speech on upcoming GST implementation, labour management, finance management, interaction with vendors leisurely and enjoy the cool weather..

Please explain the venue and the entertainment sessions?
The event will be at Hotel Sterling Resorts at Attuvampatty in Kodaikanal. We had planned for the entertainment and Gala dinners too.