“Confed-ITA Faced Direct Pressure From Distributors”

“Confed-ITA Faced Direct Pressure From Distributors”

Confed-ITA, the Tamil Nadu IT association has recently announced the first look of their own product-CCL. The product is imported and retailed exclusively by the association members. With the existing team has one more quarter to complete, Ramesh Kumar, secretary of the association interacts with Cell IT on the association activities and CCL.


Cell IT: What according to you, are the challenges and success of your team?

Ramesh: Unethical online was the biggest threat for us. We were voicing against the unethical e-sale from the day one. Our current president Senthil, during his leadership tenure of Chennai association, was in the forefront against the unethical e-sale. When our fight did not give the permanent solution, we need to change the strategy. The other challenges like relationship between the vendor and association and post-sale service still continues.

On the success part, we successes in self-reliance and we had resolved all the issues related to the post-sale services of the members.

Cell IT : What is your view on e-shopping?

Ramesh: I think, instead of spending time on that, the members should start thinking alternative options. We  should think it an extension of the current business model rather than an enemy.

Cell IT: Explain us about the quality of CCL products

Ramesh: From the day one, our members insisted two things- quality of the products and post-sales should be of A1 quality. We have formed a committee to check the quality of the products before it hits the market.  Another committee for the post-sale service is also set up for addressing the problems of the members.

Cell IT: How confident are you that CCL products will attract the end-customers?

Ramesh: In the initial stage any product comes as ‘Push Sale’ scenario. It is our own members, who had sold those products in the market which were unknown then. The channel partners who had given lifeline to those unknown products and made them market leaders will do it for their own brand. We are very confident of the market share in Tamil Nadu.

Cell IT: If I am not wrong, you would have faced indirect pressure from certain section of the channel fraternity.

Ramesh: Why indirectly? I can tell you, some big distributors gave direct pressure. Talks were mooted requesting us to allocate the entire distribution order to them. We consider that as the biggest success.