Computer Waves To Educate Partners On Their Products

Computer Waves To Educate Partners On Their Products

B Swaminathan

Chennai: Chennai based computerwaves, one of the leading distributors of Dell servers and other key products had recently conducted mid-scaled to focussed events across Tamil Nadu.  S Murugappan and S Alagappan from Computerwaves, shares the key learnings of the event and the roadmap for their products. Edited excerpts.

Alagappan-Murugappan“We  had conducted server boot camp training in Kodaikanal for partners in upcountry-TN.  The primary agenda is to create awareness of selling Enterprise product(server) to their customers. The key products we covered during the session is  Dell Server Portfolio staring from entry level,midrange and high end servers. And we also covered on the complete Dell commercial offerings in DT,NB&WS.”, Murugappan says. Alagappan, further adding on the format of the activities, said, “The format of the event  was  class room session with various aspects of learning which includes customer live sessions, handling the challenging situation, negotiation technics.  where Dell Partner Development manager had presented the sessions .”

Some of the key topics covered were positioning of the product and ways to position server to customers staring from Small customer to mid and enterprise, advantages in selling the server compare to the DT sold in market and taking the role of a trusted advisor in front of the customer.

Both Alagappan and Murugappan, after completing the event, feel that, according to them, what mattered the most is educating the technology so that partner will gain knowledge and able to provide the right solution to their customers. “To our knowledge, Dell  is the only brand having complete solution on the IT infrastructure. Representing the brand in customer space will increase the chance of winning.  Now a days resellers approaching the distributor has been changed from box movers to solution centric approach. We computer waves always a trusted Advisor to our partners proposing right solution. We enable our reseller to reach their goals by educating, partnering with right vendors so that each and every solution will be right one for their customers.”

Speaking on the value addition, Computer Waves can bridge the channel and vendor to create a win-win situation and what are the other unique aspects you provide for the channels, Alagappan said, “We have highly presales, post-sales and all technical capabilities to design any IT infrastructure whether its small or big we can help the partner. This is one of the unique aspects in which computer waves favor than any other distributors”

Following the responses from the market, the distributor is coming up with more events shortly in Chennai, Trichy and other places.