Collective Work without Communication Gap can bring success: Chandrababu Naidu

Collective Work without Communication Gap can bring success: Chandrababu Naidu

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu started the video conference with HoDs, Secretaries and Ministers with a speech.

chandrababu_naiduHe attributed the success in governance to continuous and efficient work without any communication gaps among the departments. He commended the officials present at the meeting for upholding democratic values and collectively participating in the progress of the state.

He also spoke about the bifurcation and the recent developments and said, “The way our state was divided was unjust and unscientific. The live telecast of the proceedings was cut off, the doors of the House were closed and within 20 minutes, they took the decision.”

Speaking about his continuous efforts to bring justice to the state, the Chief Minister said, “I travelled to Delhi 29 times over last 3 and half years. The assurances of Central Government included according the Special Category status to our state. Which as we all know, hasn’t been fulfilled”, he added.

He recollected the challenges that the state overcame in the initial days because of lack of infrastructure and resources.

“Despite the challenges, we have created a great ecosystem in the state. We recovered from the HudHud cyclone within 3 months, we were able to replenish our ground water levels despite low rainfall and our agricultural growth rate is also high.”

“We are doing great in the fields of horticulture, livestock and aquaculture. In fact, we are number one in the country in aquaculture.”

“The reason I am talking about these achievements is to remind you all that we were able to achieve this because of proper planning and execution. We have done so, and must continue with the same level of efficiency”, added the Chief Minister.

He asked all officials to have a targeted approach to their work and said, “We are aiming to be one of the top 3 states in the country by 2022, by 2029, we must become number one in the country and Andhra Pradesh must become global knowledge and business hub by 2050.”

“Once in three years, we will publish our progress and revise and update these goals. We are getting large companies to invest in the medical, automobiles, software, telecom and many other major sectors. We are integrating IoT in governance and are infusing technology across agriculture, industrial and service sectors”, he added.

He also praised the budget that was presented on Thursday and said, “This is the best budget that we could have planned, as it has put focus on economic development as well as Sustainable Development Goals.”

“We will become a model state for the nation. Just like we have shown in case of the power sector which started with a huge deficit and is now in a surplus, leading the country”, said the Chief Minister.