CM asks officials to keep the pace and progress of polavaram consistent

CM asks officials to keep the pace and progress of polavaram consistent

During the 53rd Polavaram review held in the Secretariat, the Chief Minister enquired the progress of all priority projects in the state. In the list of the 21 projects that were added to the list of priority projects last week, the Chief Minister added 2 more: Gundarevula Reservoir and the modernisation of the left and right main canals of Thotapalli project.

cm_review_meeting_on_polavaram-2 Out of all the 52 priority projects, 8 have been inaugurated and 5 are ready for inauguration. At the cost of ₹10,000 crores, all the 29 older priority projects will be completed by June.

The Polavaram Irrigation Project has reached an overall progress of 54%, officials reported to the Chief Minister. This includes the head works, the Right Main Canal and the Left Main Canal.

70% of the excavation for the spillway and spill channel has been completed, i.e., 778.8 lakh cubic metres out of 1,115.59 lakh cubic metres. 34% of the concreting for the spillway and the stilling basin is completed, accounting for 5.57 lakh cubic metres out of 16.39 lakh cubic metres.

This week, 1.26 lakh cubic metre of earthwork was excavated, and 17,000 cubic metres of concrete was laid for the spillway and stilling basin. 18.8 metres of the diaphragm wall was also completed this week.

Overall, 41.2% of the head works have been completed. Other main components of the dam that have shown consistent progress are the diaphragm wall (72%), radial gates (58%) and the jet grouting for the Coffer dam (78%).

The Chief Minister also presented Keller Ground Engineering Pvt. Ltd. with an award for completing a significant amount of the Ground Engineering works of the Polavaram Irrigation Project. The award was given to the company by the Construction Industry Development Council at the 10th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2018.

Monday marks the completion of 30 days since the 116-day programme, ‘Jalasamrakshana Udyamam’ began. Officials from Neeru Pragati presented the progress report of the programme, and informed the Chief Minister that works worth ₹247 crore have been completed.

These activities include desilting, restorations of MI tanks, tank feeder channels, check dams, farm ponds, major and minor irrigation canals and drains. They have also conducted workshops to sensitise people about water conservation in districts that are prone to drought.

The Chief Minister asked officials to keep the pace and progress of the programme high and consistent.