Cloud business growing exponentially across the globe and the trend is going to continue

Cloud business growing exponentially across the globe and the trend is going to continue

G7CR Technologies is a cloud-focused company; their entire business is focused on the cloud and they are very strong in the SMB front. Now, they are 3 years old in the cloud space and today they do close to around $12 million business in the cloud industry. G7CR is an expert Azure Managed Services Partner, driving the cloud transformation for over 800+ businesses pan India. G7CR provides cloud hosting services on Microsoft Azure, packaged with all the related support services for free. These services include managing cloud servers, monitoring cloud deployments, cloud architectural designs, cloud security services, governance services, 24×7 telephonic support and implementing advance technologies like power BI, analysis services, artificial intelligence, bots and machine learning.

G7CR was recently honored with Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for India. Today, G7CR has been recognized globally for its technical capabilities and driving cloud success journeys for businesses from industry verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, PSUs, Education, Retail and IT. Some of their major clients include SBI Life, Pune Urban Co-op Bank whose core banking runs with us; we also have Wockhardt, Symphony, Rail Yatri, and many more such clients.

Dr. Christopher Richard, Founder and Managing Director, G7CR TechnologiesHere is an exclusive interview with Dr. Christopher Richard, MD & Chief Cloud Architect, G7CR Technologies

What are the differentiating factors between competitors and G7CR?

One of the major differentiators is the technical value proposition that we provide because most of the partners in the cloud space have majorly been transactional where they might not have the technical expertise to assist the customers. Some of the reasons for customers to like and prefer us are that we have the technical skills and a 24×7 support team. For G7CR customers, cloud support is just a call away; we almost instantly solve their problems.

What are the opportunities for cloud and cloud-based applications in India and the overseas market?

Cloud is a business that is overall growing exponentially across the globe and we see that this trend is going to continue. We have also found some very big deals in India. We see a lot of growth across the globe and we also see our value proposition that we bring in, is something that has made us a successful entity in India. G7CR today is recognized as an entity above the crowd. We are the preferred partner for Microsoft for this year. Our value proposition to the cloud is unique because we can bring technical expertise and ensure that the customers know what they are doing and get the best out of this amazing platform called Microsoft Azure.

Presence of G7CR in various countries and the road ahead 

G7CR is based in India and London and we have begun a rapid global expansion. We are looking to open in 3-4 countries shortly like UAE. We are tying up with certain companies as subsidiaries in the Netherlands and North America.

What are your views on the security aspect of cloud computing?

Usually, when we talk with lots of people, we do see security as a major concern. But to be frank, this is more of an opinion or a perception about security being a concern on the cloud then it really is. If a company had to set up their own data center in their own office and had to bring their own servers and then secure them, imagine how much of money will they have to spend on innovation in terms of research or in terms of analytics to basically keep themselves protected from all the latest security risks. There is a limited amount of money that any company could spend as an individual. But when you talk about players like Microsoft, AWS, etc, they have huge budgets in terms of having R&D teams and ensuring that their cloud is protected from the latest security threats. So, if you ask me, the perception is that security problems exist in the cloud, but the fact is you are far more secure on the cloud with Microsoft, AWS and others spending billions of dollars on research to protect from the latest threats. That is something you will probably never be able to do if you have your own data center.