Chief Minister speaks about Vision for the State

Chief Minister speaks about Vision for the State

The second day of the CII Partnership Summit 2018 started with the plenary session, ‘Technologies for Tomorrow’. The panellists were Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, Sibabrata Das, Co-Founder of Atomberg Technologies, Amit Narayan, Founder of AutoGrid, Prateek Bumb, Co-Founder of Carbon Clean Solutions, Marjolein Helder, Founder and CEO of Plant-e, Rob Leslie, Founder and CEO of Sedicii Innovations, Nitin Sisodia, Founder of Sohum Innovation Lab, Peter Vesterbacka, Founder of Lightneer and Ahmed Babu, CEO of RTG.


The Chief Minister started the session by speaking about the importance of a Vision for the state. “Because of my vision for Hyderabad, the city now represents the knowledge economy and has some of the leading companies working out of the famous Hitech City”, he said. “By 2022, AP will be one of the top destinations for investors, by 2029, we will be the best state in India and by 2050, we will be one of the best states all over the world. Holding on to this vision, we have made huge strides in the fields of technology and innovation”, he added. Through a presentation, he showed the RTG control, strategy and command rooms and all the district centres. He presented the functions of the Praja Sadhikara Survey, the single source of truth for all the information required about the state.

“We aim for 80% satisfaction levels, and constantly monitor and resolve the grievances received through the 1100 call centre. Using this Golden Data, we keep track of family profiles, beneficiaries of different government programmes and the status of benefits distributed”, he said. “With the advent of e-Pragati, our entire government is online. I can monitor everything. From ground water levels, temperature, rainfall, soil health and reservoir status to road traffic, crime rate, CCTV and implementation of government initiatives.”

He also spoke about the Bhudhaar programme, to keep track of land transactions, initiatives in education like Virtual Classrooms, use of drones in soil testing, pesticide spraying and medical emergencies and media monitoring through sentiment analysis. “All micro and macro performance indicators help us maintain a data-driven, citizen centric government. No other government is using technology like ours.” He also demonstrated the use of Alexa, a product by Amazon, customised for the Real Time Governance System Centre. He also took questions from students in the audience, and encouraged them to continue innovating.

At the end of the session, an MoU was exchanged between the IT Minister Nara Lokesh and Ace Urban Group on the dias.

The company proposed to invest ₹3,220 crores and generate employment for 18,000 in the Innovation/IT sectors through the development of India’s first digitally integrated smart urban infrastructure to attract the world’s leading Innovation, Technology, R&D companies leading the Industry 4.0 revolution to Visakhapatnam. The project will focus on block chain development, cloud computing, AI, Tier 4 data centres and legal infrastructure including IoT hub, Data Policies and Incubation Hubs. The Founder and Chairman of Ace Urban, Anil Chalamashetty, Principal Secretary K. Vijayanand and the CEO of RTG Ahmed Babu were also present with the Chief Minister during the MoU exchange