CDAT Organizes Recreation Activity For Members

CDAT Organizes Recreation Activity For Members

B Swaminathan

Tirunelveli: Computer Dealers Association of Tirunelveli has recently conducted their annual outing in Poovar island in Tirunelveli. Around 40 members from the region had managed to participate in the event.


Speaking to Cell IT, V Muthukumar, president of the association, said, “We managed to make the event on our own[association] fund. We had talks with some vendors to support us in terms of sponsorships. However, we did not have any positive note from them. Thus we thought of doing it on our own” According to Muthukumar, this is the last trip of the association. The event had two days of greet-and-meet refreshing opportunity for the partners to relax and enjoy in an island. The members had fun moments in the resort and cherished moments in Kovalam beach.

[Left to right] T Kumar, Tour-coordinator with other participants Ananthavaradharajan and Prathap Singh, [Photo: Sathyam Kumar/ FaceBook]

[Left to right] T Kumar, Tour-coordinator with other participants Ananthavaradharajan and Prathap Singh, [Photo: Sathyam Kumar/ FaceBook]


T Kumar, who was the coordinator of the event calls this event good turnout despite some of the association members were busy with Confed-ITA’s cricket tournament. “The agenda was to build unity among the members and we had provided uniform T-shirts and the two days were fun-filled activities and had some serious discussions on business”

Speaking about his experience, S. Pradap Singh, a member of the association calls it one of the most memorable trip he ever had. “What I liked during the trip was the self-introduction session. We have some new members on board. Such ice-breaking sessions will help members get rid off their stage fear and get accustomed with CDAT family.”

AnanthaVaradharajan, another member of the association calls it the best mix of social and business meet. According to him, the event gave opportunity to know what the fellow members do within and outside IT. “For example, other than IT business I am also into the business of events. Similarly some other members have wide number of solution which the fellow association members never noticed. Such events will give an opportunity for self-reliance and have a win-win CW-Logosituation.”

A tenure of challenges:

Muthukumar calls his term a fiscal of challenges. “We entered when the impact of demonization was finding the right place and GST was implemented. We have conducted two sessions on GST within our association. We had also had one discussion with an ERP vendor.” He also says that with GST, many partners were busy with managing day-to-day activities of business and had tough time spending for other activities. Despite that the association claims that a donation for buying a dispensary machine for an orphanage. “We also had included ten more new members in our forum. With this, we are now 70 members. Moving forward, one decision our association has taken is to reach out to members from other regions within the district. We have plans of conducting some of the association events in neighboring places like Tenkasi and Ambasamudhiram where we have member presence”.