BLACKbox To Grow With Solution-Oriented Channel

BLACKbox To Grow With Solution-Oriented Channel

Synersoft Technologies, the maker of path-breaking and disruptive technology for SMEs, now branded as BLACKbox, is one of the very few Indian companies, with Indian products which are solely focused on Small and Medium Enterprises of India, who are the largest employment generators for the Indian economy and largest contributors to Indian GDP.  Bishwajit Sutradhar, VP, Channel Sales, Synersoft Technologies, tells Ayshwaria Lakshmi, on the SME’s industries’ lack of adoption of cybersecurity, Synersoft’s product, BLACKbox, and the company’s expansion plans. Edited Excepts

Ayshwaria: Where is the SME adoption against cybercrime?

Bishwajit: SMEs are not equipped against Cybercrime. They are either suppliers to large enterprises or exporters. They need systems and tools to conquer cybercrime. Due to complexity and affordability reasons, they do not have adequate systems to deal with Cybercrime situations. They are mostly unguarded against potential cybercrime.

Ayshwaria: Why is there a lack in SME’s to provide cybersecurity? Is cost a hindrance or their negligence?

Bishwajit: SMEs are operationally busy in their business. They do not have access to IT talent to guide them on the adoption of cybersecurity. Available solutions are mostly meant for large enterprises and are perceived as complex and expensive by SMEs. Due to the inability to access IT Talent and the complexity of available solutions, SMEs lag behind on the adoption of cybersecurity.

Ayshwaria: What can be done to improve SME in IT participation in India?

Bishwajit: IT adoption and participation is a compulsion for SMEs in India because they compete on a global standard, may it be as a supplier to a large enterprise or an exporter. There needs to be a massive awareness drive to sensitize the SMEs that due to a lack of cybersecurity they may lose business continuity. SMEs need to be made aware that data leakage or theft may lead to significant liability over NDA breach with their customers, may result in loss of a tender bid, may damage their reputation, and maybe exploited competitively.

Ayshwaria: BLACKbox has been created for the SME. How has it been helping the SMEs? You have recently done an upward revision. How do try to keep it constantly updated?

Bishwajit: BLACKbox is specifically created for SMEs to help them achieve Data Loss, Leakage and Theft prevention objectives. It helps SMEs to maintain business continuity against data loss. It protects SMEs to guard their competitive position or avoid liabilities due to data leakage or theft. BLACKbox helps SMEs to prevent data loss in event of accidental or intentional deletion, ransomware attack, and disaster. BLACKbox helps SMEs to protect their data from theft over USB port, Email Attachment, Blind Carbon Copy, and Cloud Storage Drives. BLACKbox keeps up with current threats and constantly matured against new threats, specific modus operandi, identify theft attempts, data exfiltration attempts by internal employees. This mandates continuous and tireless research and development activities at Synersoft. The disruptive design thinking at Synersoft derives fit to purpose solutions for SMEs.

Ayshwaria: What challenges do you face taking your product to the SME’s?

Bishwajit: SMEs perceive cybersecurity as an expensive and complex phenomenon and shy away from exploring possible solutions. We have a difficult time convincing that there can be a simple and affordable product that can ensure their business continuity and avoid their competitive exploitation by accurately achieving objectives of Data Loss, Leakage and Theft Prevention. This is the main challenge we face to bring the product to SMEs. However, after sensitizing them about risks of data loss, leakage and theft, they explore BLACKbox and find it fit the purpose.

Ayshwaria: What plans do you have in relation to bring more products to the SME’s?

Answer: We are integrating our entire offering as one system “IT in a Box” for SMEs. This includes hardware storage with domain policy server in a workgroup environment, endpoint software, mail vigilance system, internet usage monitoring, innovative happy hours technology, backup system, USB controls, screen capture playback system, deduplication solution, and trigger-based monitoring with maximum controls. It is an ever-evolving journey and we are going on well.

Ayshwaria: What are your expansion plans?

Bishwajit: We are having aggressive expansion plans and clock exponential growth with support from solution-oriented channel partners. This is one of its kind product with a rewarding business model. We invite like-minded entrepreneurs to explore this fantastic business opportunity targeted to millions of SMEs.As we have Vertical focused Product Mix where an Attractive Partnership model is readily available to Support our Solution Partner.