Bhau Mobile To Increase Focus On Software, Service

Bhau Mobile To Increase Focus On Software, Service

B Swaminathan

bhauIndore: City based Bhau mobiles, one of the leading retailer in the region is aiming to increase their focus on services and software segment.

Speaking to Cell IT, Manish Paryani, CEO, Bhau Mobile, said, “The current trends in Indore market is that the customer expects high configuration mobile at affordable cost. There are two types of customers. One is focused on the Indian brands and the other wants to hold a global brand. Most of the customers, with the perspective of Indore, lies between 5k-15k models. In terms of tablets, it is season based. More of corporate driven. Sometimes the school-goers will want to own a tablet. Then it is the time where the kids will want to buy a tablet then there will be a surge in the sale of tablets.” He also said that earlier it was the software that makes the USP of the product. However, today the USP of any mobile is in the form of hardware which includes RAM, camera, memory and so on.

“We are thinking of foraying into distribution (super stockist) and we will be focusing on accessories.Ad for News The advantages of accessories is to have high margins even if the product is low cost. In the coming year, we will be focus on diversification.”, he said. Speaking further on the focus, he included the mobile software on the key focus list. “Earlier the enterprise segments were more towards computerization. However, now everyone including banks are focussing on the mobilization. Our focus will be on the super stockist model in MP and Chattisgarh. We are already in touch with two or three brands.”, he said. Bhau mobile’s focus on retail and accessories include the wide range of accessories in both budget and premium brands.

On the physical store expansion segment, the mobile retailer is having no such immediate plans. Manish also feels that online impact is becoming irrelevant these days.