At SNS, We Prefer To Have Consultative Approach Than Product Selling

At SNS, We Prefer To Have Consultative Approach Than Product Selling

Swaminathan Balasubramanian

Chennai based Secure Networks Solutions (SNS), claims to dedicate its resources, time and its brand value exclusively on technology related to Network & Data Security. The company owns clientele from small business to large enterprises.  Subramanian S, Head (Technology), Secure Network Solutions India Private Limited, shares the current trends in security. Edited Excerpts.

How is the role of a channel organization in security solutions space critical today for clients in the age of multiple OEMs and threats?

I see the role of a channel partner today in security solution extremely critical because clients may not have the time & resources to evaluate all possible solutions for their needs. Also, the lack of timely expertise on a specific technology as well as lack of timely visibility on possible solutions in their geographical location may be another challenge which channel partner can help with.


What is your views on the budget allocation by enterprises towards security? Do you think, the security budget in India’s enterprises justifies the emerging demand?

In my opinion, awareness of business impact due to lack of proper security has increased manifold, especially after ransomware related publicity. Also, the awareness is on the rise and so is the investment. However, definitely, it still falls short to justify the emerging demand.

What are the top three security concerns of enterprises and how SNS is bridging the gap between the OEM and clients?

I feel relevant skill set is the major concerns for enterprises. Choosing the right technology and right product fit along with proper implementation & ongoing support are the other concerns. SNS has been producing trained security professionals for 18 years now. Now we have also started placing our professionals onsite in specific & niche technologies along with training the clients on the solutions which we position. Besides that, SNS helps in providing the required direction in line with current and future business requirements and provides periodical notification with clear actions. In addition to that SNS has trained and certified team across 9 locations, which are supporting our critical customers 24×7. In short, if an enterprise chooses SNS as their Security Partner– all their concerns can taken care.

According to global experts, channel partners are advised not to become transactional and the revenue from selling a software will shrink while the revenue from consulting will increase. What is your take on that? As an expert in security solutions, what is your view on Indian channel fraternity becoming security consultants?

At SNS, we continue to follow this consultative approach since inception. Trust on us has increased manifold due to this approach. Of course, there are challenges in this approach especially with OEM, but with the right intent, we were able to garner required support from OEM and the distributors as well.  We firmly believe product-based selling alone will be a disadvantage considering the complexity and dynamic nature of the field.FotoJet

What are the key challenges, today technical heads of organization face from the clients in terms of creating awareness on latest security trends? What are the unique ways SNS  creates awareness for clients?

We work in two aspects. Quick & ever-evolving technologies and the exponential growth of threats.  SNS conducts periodical meetings with clients and shares the latest in the field of security through digital campaigns. We also send a periodical notification, which is not the usual security emails which we get from the multitude of forums. SNS collects information from different security forums/experts,  analyses such information and identifies what to send. SNS then sends a very concise and precise actionable information which will give clients the required direction. We also do regular technology update sessions for our premium support customers.

How did the clients react in the recent attacks like WannaCry Petya ransomware attacks? Do you think enterprises in India are strong enough to face if some attack happens in India again?

We were surprised to see many clients were willing to pay the ransom, despite lack of guarantee that it will solve the problem. Large Enterprise has matured policy and process and is able to remediate such immediate and long-term risks. On the other hand, small to medium enterprises have the biggest challenge, but they are getting to speed slowly in bringing the required controls/process/policy. This will evolve over the time.

What you feel are the key differentiators between you (SNS) and other players in the market?

Others ‘also’ do Security, while SNS does ‘only’ security. This is the key differentiator. Continued focus exclusively on security, countrywide presence and uniform capabilities of trained and certified resources across the country adds further value.

As the head of the technology, what are the top three promises you would like to give to the prospective customers looking to build a relationship with SNS?

Delighting our customers as a consulting & support partner, focused expertise, flexibility & accountability.

What are the gaps / key challenges faced by an SI and how can an OEM or a VAD help in filling the gap or addressing the challenge?

There are few things like regular availability of demo equipment and training kits, free certification vouchers, bringing hands-on security experts from mature overseas markets on regular basis for knowledge sharing sessions can be few.

While globally tech distributors are evolving from the moving of a box to creating value, what are the key expectations you have from a value-added-distribution company?

Some key expectations are to provide us with a technology LAB, provide timely demo appliances & quick turn around time.