Andhra Pradesh to be the next Silicon Valley

Andhra Pradesh to be the next Silicon Valley

Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society (APNRT), a government initiative to unite Telugu living worldwide took the lead on 17th February to open eight IT companies in newly constructed building at Autonagar specially designed for IT people. Chief Minister of AP, Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu thanked APNRT head Dr. Ravi for taking the lead in motivating the technology people living round the world, especially United States. People from AP are known for their intelligence and that is the reason we have been seeing CEO’s like Satya Nadella from our state. Most of the big companies are lead by the people of Andhra Pradesh and this is a proud thing for all of us, but we should see that they turn to entrepreneurs by our support in our own Mother land.


He said, we have also seen similar kind of openings in Visakhapatnam few months back and now in Vijayawada. This seems to be a positive thing for AP as few companies have already taken the initiative and around 100 more companies are expected in the near future. Naidu also said that we will be creating history by launching fibregrid project shortly, already 10 lakh set-top boxes were ordered to extend television, phone connection and internet with 15mbps to all households. He highlighted that Hyderabad was given name as Cyberabad when he was the promoting Hyderabad as major IT hub and everyone can feel the difference and similarly he expressed that Vijayawada will be  Cyberwada in the near future where you will find hundreds of IT companies in and around the city. One thing which he specially marked that rents are higher in Vijayawada and that is due to higher land prices, but can be managed in near future. Naidu made an announcement of IT Hardware Park in NTR Complex Vijayawada by June 2017 with an investment of 200 crores. Around 100 shops will make an opening in the complex and we will find all kind of products selling there as we find in Singapore etc.

On his visit in the opening, Mr. Palle Raghunath Reddy, the IT Minister of AP expressed his happiness and assured that many more IT companies were under pipeline. He said, we been trying our best to pull the IT companies round the world and days are not far when we will see many companies in different parts of the state. We will develop more and more skilled people in Andhra Pradesh by giving them training in technology as the future seems to be only technology, he added.

Police Commissioner Gautam Sawang, the guest in the event extended his complete support to the IT professionals. He said that Vijayawada has changed and we are seeing lot of changes happening after the division. He noted down the suggestions given by the IT companies for their safety and traffic. He added, Vijayawada Police is one of the most hi-tech police in the country with 4th line app for instant complaints and other things related to police. Also, Dial 100 has been so effective that you can find a police attending before 7 minutes to your destination in any kind of emergency. This is better than New York or Tokyo where it takes near about 9 minutes to reach, he also agreed that due to lack of infrastructure things are not up to the mark but the action taken is immediate. Police has set new example at the time of Pushkarams where no big incidence happened and everything was taken care smoothly with the help of surveillance. When discussed about traffic near Ramesh Hospital, he informed that various steps are being taken, one such plan from our CM is to make the flyover near Benz Circle a world class flyover, and also outer ring roads are planned with lorry traffic diversions out of the city. We also plan to restrict trucks in peak timings so that people living in city don’t get harassed. His note was wonderful creating lot of confidence among software professionals present.

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