Andhra Pradesh Government coming to the rescue of backward class in a big way

Andhra Pradesh Government coming to the rescue of backward class in a big way

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-23 at 6.51.32 PM-BC welfare utmost importance
-Rs. 20,000 crore expenditures in 5 years
-40 lakhs post metric scholarships
-Social empowerment and financial growth in Back ward classes

Gone are the days when a potter, a washer man, a weaver or a fisherman is forced to take up his traditional profession despite the fact he is unable to make both ends meet and continued to languish in poverty, thanks to the sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh coming to the rescue of backward class in a big way. Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has taken up their cause and even while assisting those who wanted to continue in the traditional professions through the ADARANA scheme, he introduced several welfare measures to place them firmly on the path of progress. Towards this, he has allocated a whopping Rs. 20,000 crores during the past five years WhatsApp Image 2019-01-23 at 6.51.31 PM(1)exclusively for them and never before did any government spend so much on the BCs, and this earned him a special place in their hearts.

While successive governments in the past used the backward classes only as vote banks, the Chandrababu Naidu proved different and worked with the sole aim of the upliftment of the BCs. Under his guidance, the BC Welfare department’s Principal Secretary B. Udayalakshmi has taken steps to ensure that the welfare schemes reached the BCs without any hassles.

300% hike in 5 years
During the past five years, the State Government’s allocations for BCs have gone up by 300 per cent as never before. The previous governments from 2004 to 2014 till the State bifurcation took place, had spent only Rs.7,815.05 crore on backward classes. But after Chief Minister took over, he has allocated Rs.22,704.44 crore for BCs which won all-round appreciation. And the beneficiaries who had utilized over 90 per cent of the funds are forging ahead in development.

Budgetary allocations for BC welfare – Year Budget allocation Funds released / funds spent ( crore)

2004-14  9,497.88  8,490.92  7,815.05 (past govt.)
2014-15  2,665.09  2,578.69  2,242.16
2015-16  3,210.15  3,150.15  2,573.50
2016-17  5,107.92  5,014.17  4,514.53
2017-18  5,420.70  5,174.34  4,916.23
2018-19  6,300.58  4,853.47  4,165.06
Total       22,704.44  20,770.82  18,411.48 (in 5 years)

In education, other sectors…
The Chief Minister who believes that comprehensive development is possible only through education, is taking all measures to provide education to BCs. Govt has set up 1253 pre-matric hostels and providing education to 1,28,187 beneficiaries. Another Rs.833.01 crores spent during the last five years to provide quality food, and Rs.334.86 crore released towards cosmetic charges to the students. Additionally, the meritorious among them are granted scholarships and encouraged. Arrangements are also made for students of engineering and higher education to get free reimbursement smoothly.

After the government passed orders recognizing Kapus as BCs, Rs.34.42 crore post-matric scholarships were disbursed among beneficiaries.Similarly, 2,41,350 were given Rs.439.77 crore towards reimbursement of tuition fee. During the past four years, the government had sanctioned 76 new residential schools and colleges and significantly, six of these schools are specially earmarked for fishermen community, which is the most backward among the BCs. There are 14 residential junior colleges sanctioned exclusively for BC students and 64 more BC residential schools are being upgraded as junior colleges during the current academic year.

Besides, 5672 students are trained for civil services examinations in reputed institutions located in major cities by spending Rs.73.14 crore under the NTR UnnataVidyadaranaPathakam. The coaching centres are paid a maximum of Rs.1.3 lakh for each student while the students are also paid Rs.10,000 per month as stipend for nine months.
Also, 1505 students are pursuing higher education abroad in various countries in the world in reputed universities under NTR Videsi Vidyadarana Pathakam and the Government has so far borne about Rs.150.5 crore expenditure incurred on them. The Government is paying a maximum of Rs.10 lakh as fee for each student. In all, during the past four and a half years, 36.66 lakh BC students along with 3.16 Kapu students are getting post-matric scholarships from the Government without any hassles which is lauded by BC ad Kapu community leaders and parents of the beneficiaries.

District BC Bhavan
The Government has also accorded permission to build BC Bhavan in every district of the State so as to help the BCs blend cultural and community development. These Bhavan are being constructed by the BC Welfare department at the respective district headquarters and some of them are already completed. Rs. 5 crore budgets were allocated for construction of each building and during the past three years, Rs.117 crores were allocated for construction of BC community halls.

Similarly, under Pelli Kanuka, each bride is given Rs.35,000 as financial assistance. During the last fiscal, Rs.100 crore was allocated for Pelli Kanuka and already Rs.71.25 crore was disbursed among the beneficiaries. The Government will also provide financial assistance to build KapuBhavans.

BC Corporation gives Rs.1967 crore for 2.91 lakh beneficiaries
The credit of achieving economic development of BCs through BC Corporation goes to the Chandrababu Government which is providing crores of rupees to the beneficiaries. During the past five years, the BC Corporation allocated Rs.1967 crore and the Government had released Rs.1735 crore under various schemes to benefit 2,91,324 persons. Similarly, Rs.160 crore was allocated during the past two years under the AP Corporation for Welfare and Development of Most Backward Classes Scheme and the officials have released Rs.69.05 crore as subsidy to 20,518 persons under this. And through the AP State Economically Backward Classes Welfare and Development Corporation, Rs.203 crore was disbursed among 13,481 beneficiaries in the past two years. The eligible beneficiaries were given Rs.103.3 crore as subsidy.

ADARANA benefits 2.05 lakh people
The State Government has so far completed 3 rounds of the Adarana programme which envisages to extend all kinds of assistance to the BC communities by way of providing implements. With a budgetary allocation of Rs.964 crore, the beneficiaries are getting the implements they need at a 90 per cent subsidy and so far, 2,05,032 got their implements. The Toddy workers, Medaras, sculptors and Rajakas are also given Rs. 10,000 in cash and the government aims to hand over implements to 4,02,500 beneficiaries in all.
Rs.432 crore for 11 federations

To ensure equal justice is done to all backward classes communities, 11 federations were formed under the guidance of Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu. AP Watermen, AP Nayee Brahmin, AP Vaddera, AP SagaraUppara, AP Krishna Balija, AP Valmiki Boya, AP Batraja, AP Kummari Salivahana Federations as also AP Viswa Brahmin Corporation, AP Medara Finance Corporation, and AP Toddy Tappers’ Corporation were established by the government and through these, Rs.432.72 crore was given to 96,333 beneficiaries.

Report By Tadepalli Ratnakar, Senior Journalist, Amaravathi