AKITDA Seeks Govt Attention Include Dealers In Procurement

B Swaminathan

All Kerala IT Dealers Association, one of the leading forums in the country representing the IT dealers of the 14 districts in Kerala had recently concluded their seventh state convention.

akitdaThe event was inaugurated by V Rajendrababu, Mayor of Kollam Municipal Corporation. This is the first time the association is conducting its event in an emerging IT market like Kollam. The association had more than six hundred registrations for the event according to the president of the association Job James. “The response was good. We appreciate the Kollam district unit for organizing this in a proper way. Even being organized in a not-so-prominent location, the event was well conceived by the members”, he said.

The event sessions had the rally of all the members in the key roads of Kollam. The procession reached the event venue followed by the session by the speech of K Raju, state Minister for Forests and Wildlife. “The government is open to support the dealers in terms of the issues and problems faced by them in the daily business. There are many small business houses that got affected in the recent flood that happened in Kerala. Pooja_Tech-Fit-BitThe Government, in all form, had stood with the people and IT dealers will also be protected”, Raju said the participants.

Demanding IT dealers participation in Government’s digital drive

In his speech, Raju said that more than 48 Thousand classrooms in Kerala had been made high-tech and the state government is planning to bring more digital classrooms. The association had put forth the government, the need for bringing dealers in the digital initiatives of the state government. Job James said “Our participation is comparatively less in the digital initiatives of the government. Thus we had requested the government to consider IT dealers for procurement or support. Such initiatives from the government will help small dealers who are working at thin margins.”

Special Thanks to Confed-ITA

‘Snehasparsam’ (‘Touch of Love’) is a project run by AKITDA, Chaired by R S NAMBIAR in order to support the member community while they are in need of help, weakened, or affected with unexpected calamities and accidents. The association had also decided to strengthen the project in all forms. A resolution was also passed thanking the state IT association of Tamil Nadu, Confed-ITA for extending the maximum help for the affected members in Kerala during the recent floods.