Agricultural Ministry partners with Jio, Cisco and others to revolutionize farming sector

Agricultural Ministry partners with Jio, Cisco and others to revolutionize farming sector

To modernize the agricultural sector through latest technologies so that farmers can increase their income, the Agricultural Ministry has inked five Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with Cisco, Ninjacart, Jio Platforms, ITC, and NCDEX e-Markets (NeML).

The farmers will be able to make informed decisions on what crop to grow, what variety of seed to use, and what best practices to adopt to maximize the yield, based on the pilot projects.

The agriculture supply chain players can plan their procurement and logistics timely. Farmers will also be able to make informed decisions about whether to sell store their produce and when and where to sell at what price, as per official announcement.

For example, Jio and its associates own and control the “JioKrishi” platform which provides services like the creation of a data-driven farmers ecosystem, an analysis of soil conditions of the agricultural land, analysis of irrigation needs, and even helps connect farmers with experts.

The features of the platform are divided into basic and advanced categories. The basic features utilize standalone data on apps in order to provide advice, the advanced features use data from different sources, using AI/ML algorithms to provide personalized advice.

“The primary intervention module, i.e., advisory (basic as well as advanced) service will be taken up in the first phase as the pilot in 2 districts of Maharashtra, viz. Jalna and Nashik,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, Cisco along with its industry partner Quantela have developed an Agricultural Digital Infrastructure (ADI) solution that includes hardware and software components for farming and knowledge sharing.

A common software platform – the Smart Agriculture Platform integrates the sensors and information available from Department and Satellite Data processing solutions into one single dashboard that provides real-time status. Proofs of Concept (POC) have been implemented in select districts in target states.

“Cisco will conceptualize a Proof of Concept in effective knowledge sharing between farmers, administration, academia and industry in two districts in India, viz. Kaithal (Haryana) and Morena (Madhya Pradesh),” the statement further said.