Achieve Better Experience Management with Lockated’s Innovative Tech Solutions

Achieve Better Experience Management with Lockated’s Innovative Tech Solutions

As COVID-19 has brought in extended lockdowns, pervasive uncertainty, and considerable attention on health, the challenges are reshaping customer behavior and requirements. Office premises, residential complexes, and even places of entertainment such as malls and theatres need state-of-the-art support for better experience management. Contactless access to facilities and efficient filtering out of suspected infectious individuals are the basic needs of the hour, for which technology offers the best solutions.

Lockated—a prop-tech solutions pioneer existing since 5 years—has launched a series of innovative SaaS-based products intelligently designed to meet the safety requirements of today’s world. These products not only resolve mobility and screening issues that various premises are facing today but also facilitate better work & quality management and improved customer experience without compromising on safety.Be it retail spaces or Hotels, Housing Societies or Commercial Buildings, Schools or Healthcare premises these tech solutions have a wide variety of applications that can be customized to one’s needs.

Some of the key highlights of these products include:

  1. Regular temperature checking in various premises and AarogyaSetu App integration for better management of suspected infectious individuals
  2. Contact-free visitor & access management for assured safety of visitors, customers, and employees
  3. Mobile-based attendance management for better productivity and work management of remote / work-from-home employees
  4. Private contact tracing for companies, offices, buildings, etc. to minimize the spread of the pandemic and ensure safety

ChetanBafna, Partner – Haven Infoline LLP, said, “The way businesses operate today has completely changed because of the pandemic. Businesses need robust technological support to deliver their best and ensure people safety at the same time.Over 92% business players plan to sustain or increase investments in tenant-experiential technology and over 60% feel secure through an app-based approach. Our solutions not only help businesses survive, but thrive.