5 Reasons To Attend ISODA Tech Summit 9

5 Reasons To Attend ISODA Tech Summit 9

ISODA is gearing up to conduct their flagship event Tech Summit.  This year, the ninth edition is slated to happen from 31st January 2019 to 3rd February 2019 at Doha, Qatar.

According to Ashok L, Chairman of the summit, this event this year will be different in format comparedL-Ashok-President-ISODA to the previous years. ‘TS9 – Business Edition’ is going to focus on bringing value to participants and sponsors alike. For sponsors, there will be display areas throughout the 2 days of conference with talk time during break-out sessions and one-to-one meetings with a specifically chosen partner.

For participants, content would be more on workshops, focusing on business and growth.  Ashok lists out the top 5 outcomes of the event from the participant point of view.


  • Business Workshops and inputs to scale business

It is going to focus on how do we channel partners scale our business. Some of the key areas we will be touching upon topics like organization transformation, strategy, and planning, use case presentation. The idea is to have knowledge transfer within the community so that one can scale the business.


  • Networking opportunities with peers

In all the summits, the networking will be within the community and other delegates. This year we are planning to have a delegation from Qatari business delegation and a joint dinner which will act as a networking opportunity between the Qatarti and Indian business community.

  • Explore the new destination for business expansion

Qatar, after getting isolated from the other Middle-East nations, they had opened the Economy for 80 countries including India. There is a ‘red-carpet’ reception for Indian companies to expand business there which is very evident in instances like providing visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders. Qatar is 2022 FIFA World Cup host nation, there is a huge investment which is slated to enter. So, if any ISODA member is planning for an expansion, this is the right place.

  • Explore the unexplored Arabic culture

In the Middle-East region, you will find places like Dubai which is influenced and amalgamated by ‘western’ culture. However, Qatar is neither conservative like Saudi Arabia nor like Dubai which is on the other end of the spectrum. This is the best opportunities for the participants to experience the actual Arabic culture.

  • Explore new age tech companies

There are many new-age tech companies who are participating and showcasing their products. This is the best opportunity for ISODA participants to look for the new-age tech companies and grow their business.

Here are some feedback and testimonials from partners of the association

Jitesh Chauhan

jitesh-chauhanISODA Tech Summit is always been our Own Summit. Out of 8 Summits, I had attended seven. Tech Summit sessions are session where we learn something and which is take home gift for us. I am eagerly waiting for TS9.TS9 is a business edition and the agenda would be interesting as per the teaser which is being floated to us. Hoping to have some good business sessions for which our TS9 Chairman Mr. Ashok is working very hard. All the best to Ashok for giving us some good Session.Looking forward to TS9 and hoping to meet all my ISODA friends at Doha.

Vishal Bindra

vishalbhindraMy key expectation is to learn about how to manage the micro challenges which consume so much of our time and energy. They are among the best in ISODA. I think this time team is really focusing on a lot of great content and making it knowledge-sharing ground.

Hemant Chabria

I have seen the Tech Summit scale in terms of the content, the approach towards arrangements of travel hemantand stay have moved up and up drastically. The best part is that the slots are full the moment the dates are announced. It also surprises us every time how each team dedicates itself and gives us an amazing event year-on-year. I see this as an APNA event( our event) and always a happy feeling to be with APNE Log (our people).

Manoj Joseph:

It is a good platform to interact with our peers, gather knowledge of many new Manoj Josephtechnologies. We also get to understand what happens in other parts of the country. New friendship and some relaxation from the busy schedule are additional perks of the summit. This year I am looking forward to more information and discussion on Cloud technologies.