What CIOs From Pune Expect From OEMs, Partners?

What CIOs From Pune Expect From OEMs, Partners?

B Swaminathan

Despite being easily accessible to the country’s financial capital, Pune, as a market has emerged as the third largest city in terms of technology exports following Bengaluru and Hyderabad.  Every product or technology company would have Pune as a target market in their expansion plans. Shreesh Patwardhan, the CIO of a leading logistic company and has been a long-timer in Pune market explains the easy hacks that every channel partner and OEM trying to want to enter the market should follow for easier sales. Edited excerpts. 

What are the key ways the Pune market is different from others when it comes to adopting technology?

Shreesh Patwardhan (1)Pune traditionally being a Manufacturing hub with auto and auto ancillaries calling shots in earlier days was a launching pad for many new products for many companies.  Today IT, IT services, Knowledge processing, and outsourcing are also big consumers of technology.  This brings a unique mindset of inquisitive attitude towards anything new.  Technology people are open to trying new offerings much easier than other places but at the same time are much more critical in analyzing and judging products.

You being in the market for a long time, what are the key transformations you are noticing in the market in terms of embracing technology in the last 20 years.

Over the last two decades, Pune CIOs / CTOs and top management have become more open in accepting untried and new technologies and taking risks by investing in these. The traditional mindset of over caution is vanishing and many bold Tech leaders are emerging from traditional manufacturing companies.

How is the overall decision cycle amongst the CIOs in Pune? Share your views in terms of PoC to deployment.

Pune has one of the most close-knit technology leader’s community.  The success stories and problems are regularly shared between CIO / CTO  community.  Any new POC conducted, any new technology tried is shared at various forum and platforms amongst all.  Users voluntarily support and suggest by sharing related experiences and insights.

Generally, due to this, the POC cycles are short and decisive.  Unless the vendor is unable to satisfy the users regarding technology queries decisions are quick.

What are the basic aspects an OEM or a channel partner who wants to perform well in the Pune market should do excel in the market?

OEMs or Channel partners should be sure of technologies and have a thorough understanding of what they are pitching.

They should be open about the success and problems and should be ready to face the feedbacks from other users being known to prospective customers.accops-poweredby

They should be ready to experiment with suggestions from customers.

They should freely share best practices.

They should mentally be prepared to accept the fact that price information also may be shared among CIO/CTO.

Pune being an emerging market, what are the challenges you face as a head of Technology division. Also, what are the expectations you have from the OEMs?

Being almost next door to big Mumbai market has both advantage and disadvantages for Pune heads of technology. While the technology majors are accessible easily, sometimes support becomes an issue as the best people are based out of Mumbai 200 km away. Market size, order sizes are also smaller at Pune compared to Mumbai hence many times deals become less sweet at Pune.

How are the business owners/ company founders and others from the management of the organizations are understanding technologies? With IOT coming in place and every company is trying to become a tech-driven company, how is the awareness of adopting technology among other business units in organizations?

The new generation of business owners is taking lots of interest in taking their companies into a new tech-driven era.  The top management is well aware of new trends in technology and is ready to try out new things much easier than the earlier era.  Many technology seminars are being arranged where along with Technology heads other top management also attend and learn about new developments in their area.

What are the top 5 aspects that will impress a market like Pune.?

Early access to new technologies

Guarantee of pre and post-sales support at par with best

Openness about pricing

Sticking to schedules

Open sharing of Technology positives and negatives